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Federal Revenue application services for taxpayers

With the aim of simplifying and facilitating taxpayers’ access to its main services, the Special Secretariat of the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil (RFB), together with the Serpro, developed and launched a new application that brings together several functionalities that were previously restricted to other applications of the agency. To access it is necessary to have a registered account on the site. gov.br and download the Recipe app from the AppStore or GooglePlay app stores.

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The new Federal Revenue app has the advantage of centralizing services that were previously restricted to other apps by the agency for individuals, such as:

  • My Income Tax;
  • E-Social;
  • Physical person.

Eliminating the need to have an app for each service. In addition, the new application will allow scheduling appointments, locating units and following news and content through the agency’s YouTube channel.

What this article covers:

Services related to the CPF (federal revenue application)

In addition to the previously mentioned scheduling and location of units, the new application will also offer taxpayers who are Individuals the services of:

  • Process monitoring;
  • Service Management Support System (Saga);
  • Registry of Economic Activities of Individuals (CAEPF);
  • Consultation of Active Employees on E-Social.

If you fit into any of these services, you will have access to them through the application, as already mentioned.

Services on the IRPF

Prior to the unification, all services related to personal income tax were restricted to the My Income Tax application. However, with the new application, services such as filling out and delivering declarations; statement status; refund consultation, electronic refund request, among others, can also be verified through the new platform.

Will it still be necessary to keep other Recipe Apps installed?

Despite arriving promising greater integration of its services and simplification of ease of access, it will still be necessary to maintain the other existing apps, as some of them still have features that are not in the new Revenue application. So, for a complete use of the functionalities, it is necessary to use the application itself.

However, the expectation is that all Revenue services will be fully unified on the new platform by the end of next year.

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