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February new moon in Pisces: which zodiac signs will be most affected

Next Monday, February 20, we will have a new moon in Piscesa water sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, fantasies and spiritual gifts, and it will be one of the most important lunations of the astrological year.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so this new moon closes the astrological year and serves as a prelude to the start of another zodiac cycle that will begin with the Aries season.

For this reason It’s the perfect time to tackle the goals we put aside and thanks to the energy that Pisces projects, we will do it with more creativity and emotion. We will feel more motivated and inspired to take on new challenges and goals, many of which we thought we were not capable of achieving.

While this cosmic vibe will impact the entire horoscope, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and PiscesThe mutable signs of the zodiac will be the most affected, astrologer Patrick Price told Myimperfectlife.com.

What should they expect once the energy of the February New Moon in Pisces peaks on February 20?

You’ll be inspired to revisit ideas you’ve forgotten, and now you’ll have the stamina to pursue them. “Don’t be surprised if he begins to feel new waves of confidence and determination to achieve his deepest desires,” Price said.

It is time to trust your most spiritual side and trust your intuition as it will guide you on the most appropriate path. According to the astrologer, the instinct of your sign will lead you towards abundance and happiness, you just have to accept your spiritual side.

This lunation offers your sign the opportunity to prioritize what works best for you and release what doesn’t. “Take heart, as much better situations will replace the old ones,” Price stressed in the article.

As the new moon will occur in your sign you will be the center of the stage. Whatever is occupying your energy and thoughts wants to come to light, you just have to wait for the right moment.

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