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FC Barcelona in danger: UEFA could expel him from European competitions due to arbitration scandal

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FC Barcelona could stop playing European competitions and be expelled by UEFA in the event that it is verified that the payments made to the then vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees, José María Enríquez Negreira through his company DASNIL 95, were made with the aim of obtaining “refereeing favours” during the matches of the Spanish League.

According to information reviewed by ’20 Minutes’the regulations of the Champions League, the Europa League and the Conference League ensure in section ‘g’ of article 4, that the clubs cannot have participated in any way in the illegal alteration of matches of any competition, both at a national level as international.

“Not having been directly and/or indirectly involved, since the entry into force of paragraph 3 of article 50 of the UEFA Statutes, that is, on April 27, 2007, in any activity aimed at rigging or influencing the result of a match at national or international level and confirm it in writing to the UEFA administration”says regarding the admission criteria.

The regulations posted on the body’s website are clear regarding the eligibility guidelines of the clubs. Although it would not be a sanction as such, UEFA could deny the entry of FC Barcelona in European competitions considering that it does not meet admission requirements.

Sanctions FC Barcelona

According to this medium and the interpretation of several experts, FC Barcelona could not receive a sports sanction because the fact would already have prescribed. “Infractions and sanctions will prescribe according to the provisions of the laws that establish them. If they do not set prescription periods, very serious offenses will prescribe after three years, serious offenses after two years and minor offenses after six months”, reads the new Sports Law in Spain in its article 30.

In other words, since five years have passed since the events occurred, the club could not receive a sports sanction. Something that also confirmed the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas. However, this incident does not prescribe for FIFA and the body could act ex officio until 2028 since the estimated time for prescription is 10 years, as reported by OK Diario.

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