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FBOY Island Sweden 2023 – Participant Alex Beck kicked out of the premiere episode

Already during the first episode of FBOY Island Sweden, a participant was sent home, this after using unacceptable language. Participant Axel Beck believes that it is all about a misunderstanding.

Photo: Linus Hallsenius/discovery+

The new dating program FBOY Island Sweden has been talked about recently, not least because of its different approach where the path to finding love consists of figuring out who is only participating for the money and who is participating to put their heart on the line . Already in the first episode, a participant was also sent home, as the program believes that he broke their rules.

Violated program rules

In the first episode, contestant Awa Touray went on a date with Alex Beck, but when it was time to send someone home towards the end of the show, he was suddenly missing. The press officer at Discovery+ explains in a message to Expressen that Beck was sent home because he broke one of the program’s rules. “We have strict rules for how to behave and behave on a recording location that everyone involved has agreed to follow. In this case, the production judged that on a single occasion unacceptable language had been used that violated those rules,” he writes in the message.

Believes it is a misunderstanding

However, Alex Beck believes that the whole thing is a misunderstanding. “According to my understanding of the whole thing, it is about language and in my opinion I have not said anything wrong. But there were some others who perceived it that way, which is super sad and the production then had to make a decision that I could leave,” he says to The Express. The presenter Klara Elvgren revealed in the program that Beck participated in the program as an “FBOY”.

When does FBOY Island Sweden 2023 premiere?

FBOY Island Sweden premieres on January 19, 2023. In addition to premiering on discovery+ and Kanal 11, it is also published on HBO Max starting on the same date.

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