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FBOY Island Sweden 2023 – all participants

The American publisher has taken the reality world by storm. On January 19, reality fans will finally be able to follow FBOY Island Sweden on discovery+, Kanal 11 and HBO Max. WE list all participants below.

Photo: Linus Hallsenius/discovery+

We meet Theresé, Awa and Olivia who, under the guidance of presenter Klara Elvgren, date twenty guys on a tropical island in search of true love. The problem: only half of the guys have come to find love. The other half cares more about winning money than a long-term relationship.

Tired of maybe-men, frivolous dates and guys who can never commit to a single girl

Theresé Samuelsson, Awa Touray and Olivia Jakobsson have one thing in common. They are tired of maybe-men, frivolous dates and guys who can never commit to a single girl. “Fboys”, as the established international expression goes. In FBOY Island Sweden, they get the chance to put twenty guys to the test. Who wants true love, and who just wants to play without responsibility? Because only half have come to the tropical island for love. The other half? For the money.

One by one, the girls vote out the guys, with one clear goal: to expose and send home all the Fboys until only the ones who really want love are left. But what if you develop feelings for someone who isn’t ready to be serious? What happens if someone who came for the money finds the dream girl on the road? Can you break out of old dating patterns? In FBOY Island Sweden, the protagonists Theresé, Olivia and Awa, together with the presenter Klara Elvgren, put a magnifying glass on old and stale gender stereotypes – and run with them in the meantime.

When does FBOY Island Sweden 2023 premiere?

FBOY Island Sweden will premiere on January 19, 2023. In addition to premiering on discovery+ and Kanal 11, it will also be published on HBO Max starting on the same date.

Participants FBOY Island Sweden 2023


Joel Ukhagbe, 27
Sandor Berg, 27
Kevin Manzano Andrén, 27
Simon Olsson Bull, 32
Martin Edward Isaacs, 25
John Arboleda, 25
Ludvig Käck Wedelin, 26
Viktor Sjöberg, 30
Rian Alvianto, 29
Francois Söderlund, 29
Niklas Hammarberg, 31
William Rson Batson, 31
Hasan Baran, 32
Franck Ndizeye, 23
Anton Björsson, 26
Shagar “Shaggy” Yonis, 24
Moudou Gassama, 28
Alexander Khalifa, 26
Philip Lindborg, 29
Alex Beck, 22


Olivia Jakobsson, 26
Therese Samuelsson, 32
Awa Touray, 24


Klara Elvgren, entrepreneur and influencer, 32

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