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Favorite Planned Furniture

You Favorite Planned Furniture have the brand’s own quality, seeking to improve the decoration of the houses and offer the desired comfort. The store’s catalog always has news, inspired by the trends that dominate the sector. Favorita has great alternatives to modify your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, home theater, closet, laundry area, office, etc.

Favorite Planned Furniture. (Photo: Publicity)

Planned furniture has already conquered the market, currently having several technologies, such as new cutting and design tools. There are many advantages in purchasing custom furniture, in addition to all the sophistication that this type of decoration provides to the environment, those who choose the planned ones have the power of choice, being able to decide which size, color, which accessories they want in the product, etc. On the other hand, those who buy furniture from line cannot make any of these choices, often not even the color. The planned furniture can be resized whenever you want or when there is a need, such as in the case of a change of residence or a family increase.

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Favorite Planned Furniture

Favorite cuisines

Favorite modern kitchen. (Photo: Publicity)

Custom furniture in the kitchen. (Photo: Publicity)

favorite rooms

A planned room is much more beautiful and organized. (Photo: Publicity)

Planned double bedroom. (Photo: Publicity)

Favorite Bathrooms

An elegant bathroom by Favorita. (Photo: Publicity)

Bathroom with sophisticated features. (Photo: Publicity)

Favorite Rooms

Favorite planned room. (Photo: Publicity)

Planned furniture gives shape to a contemporary room. (Photo: Publicity)

You Favorite custom furniture bring together many advantages compared to conventional furniture. Decorating the house with these items allows style, personality and variety in the composition, since you are the one who chooses every detail.

Favorita produces custom furniture resold throughout Brazil, works with the highest quality materials, respects the customer’s preferences and style. The quality ranges from customer service to furniture assembly, working with transparency and seriousness. The environments created by the company portray youth, beauty, practicality and modernity, as your home needs to express your life.

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The Favorite Brand

The Favorita brand has years of tradition. (Photo: Publicity)

The brand belongs to Unicasa, one of the main furniture industries in the country, started producing furniture 25 years ago, headquartered in Bento Gonçalves in Rio Grande do Sul with its 800 employees in an area of ​​65 thousand square meters produces more than 40 thousand pieces daily, with sustainable practices, aiming at the preservation of the environment, the company has its own architecture and design team.

THE favorite It has been on the market since 2003 and already has 400 exclusive stores and a total of 700 authorized and multi-brand stores. In 2009, the company underwent a repositioning process, changed the logo, showroom, storefront and made some changes to the product that resulted in versatility and modernity.

The furniture is modern and of good quality. (Photo: Publicity)

The company combines sophistication with quality and offers customers a range of options with different prices and excellent forms of payment. Unicasa products are also sold by the Dell Anno store.

Discover what Favorita has to offer and count on the work of excellent interior designers. Check out modulated environments that explore all the attributes in terms of good taste. With custom furniture, your home will gain more personality.

Planned service area. (Photo: Publicity)

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For more information about the Favorite custom furnitureaccess the official website of Favorita.

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