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Faucets with LEDs: models, prices, where to buy

The secret to attracting new consumers is to always be innovating. No wonder that every day new products appear on the market with the promise of bringing more comfort and sophistication to customers. This is the case of Faucets with LEDs: models, prices, where to buy, which provide a number of benefits to users. Increasingly present in Brazilian homes, they are gaining space in the market and expanding the range of options for those who want to make their bathroom more elegant.

What this article covers:

These models work based on a sensor that detects the presence of our hand. Thus, they stop working automatically as soon as they notice our absence. With this system, it is possible to obtain up to 70% savings, that is, it is the perfect solution for those who want to reduce water costs. In addition, the LED faucets run on battery power and do not use electricity.

Generally, this type of product is made with one piece of glass and one piece of steel. The light is projected through the glass, which makes the simple act of washing your hands even more sophisticated. Another interesting feature of LED faucets is that the lighting changes color depending on the temperature🇧🇷 This way, you can tell if the water is cold or hot without even touching it.

Most pieces have a three-color variation, but you can find models with more than three on the market. The choice will depend on the customer’s taste and, mainly, on how much he is willing to spend, since some of these products are not very accessible, considering their functionality.

THE monochrome faucetsquare, waterfall style, for example, is found on sites like Free market from BRL 279.00. Made of polished metal and tempered glass, it features three color variations, which are green (below 32 degrees), blue (between 32 and 45 degrees) and red (above 45 degrees).

The model is ideal for those who want a more sophisticated product.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can stick with the adapter nozzle C Sen D LED faucet, which is available on internet shopping sites from R$15.90. It is produced with chrome-plated ABS material and can be connected to most Brazilian faucets. However, it is possible that there are models with which it is not compatible, in this case, it is necessary to use the adapters.

This model is a more affordable option for consumers.

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Faucets and LED Adapter Nozzle

There are several different models of faucets and also LED faucet adapters🇧🇷 These products will bring a special touch to your bathroom decor and transform it into an extremely pleasant environment. So get yours now and have much more comfort and economy available. You will not regret!

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