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Fashion Summer 2023 – Models and Photos → CHECK IT OUT HERE

Come stay on top of the trends for this coming summer!

We are very close to the hottest and most anticipated season of the year, so how about staying on top of some trends?

make more natural

It is nothing new that “cleaner” makeup has been very successful, even more so after the emergence of the social network TikTok. Skin with more layers and high coverage gives way to skin with a more natural finish and with a “glow”, a greater glow, enhancing the natural beauty of those who apply make-up. In the summer it’s a strong trend, so take note of this tip!

Investing in lighter skin with a more natural finish is a very strong trend this summer.

Florida prints

They don’t go out of style and apparently, they’re still going strong this summer 2023! Flowery prints are still on the rise in the hottest season of the year and are more prominent in clothing fabrics. By the way, monochrome looks or colors that are closer can also become a trend. A good tip is to invest in a make-up with lighter skin and a well highlighted look, paying more attention to the look and using the glow of the skin with the contrast that sunlight can give you.

Looks with flowery prints are still high in the summer.

crochet pieces

After the BBB 22 phenomenon, where former participant and Digital Influencer Jade Picon was successful with her crochet bikini, pieces made from this fabric gained greater attention in the wardrobes of more and more Brazilian women. Not only bikinis, but crochet tops also gain strength this season combined with shorts or pants with lighter fabrics, giving greater comfort to your look without leaving your shine aside. One more tip to take note of, huh?

Crochet tops and accessories with this fabric are excellent tips to rock this summer!

Barbiecore: Pink is back!

Another trend is the Barbiecore, this style is based on shades of pink/pink and very flashy, with a touch of shine. This style can be both in clothes and in make-up, so you can invest in shades of pink in your clothes and make-up. Ah, Barbiecore accepts looks with a lot of shine too, with that lighter skin and lips with pinker lipsticks, you are sure to rock this summer. In short, throw yourself in pink without fear, huh?

Barbiecore: The style that is based on pink color and glitter!

What did you think of the tips? Keep an eye out that this summer promises and there will be no shortage of inspirations for you to rock!

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