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Farmer Seeks Wife 2022 – Matthew calls up a letter writer

After the dreams of love took a turn, when the last two girls in the program “Farmer Seeks Wife” chose to leave the farmer Matthew, the presenter Linda Lindorff had a stroke of genius. In the show, she convinces Matthew to call one of the former letter writers.

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After Matthew was dumped by the last two girls on the show, host Linda Lindorff didn’t want him to give up hope on love. In the show, she therefore convinces him to call up the letter writer Sirena, whom he invited to the show but was prevented from participating. After a few encouraging words, Matthew dares to call and Serena happily says yes when he asks her out on a date. “It was really exciting and felt fun to get a face,” says Sirena in the program.

Last two girls left

In the eleventh episode of this year’s season, both Iza and Kim, who were the last girls left with Matthew, decided to leave the show. Kim then told that the feelings had not become romantic enough and Iza also said that the relationship had become more friendly. When Matthew received the news, he was surprised and described it as “a bit of a shock.”

We wish Matthew and Sirena the best of luck in their pursuit of love!

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