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Farmen 2023: That’s why Rickard Castefjord left the program

This year’s edition of The farm has offered a lot of straight throws. In Thursday’s episode, yet another of this year’s contestants decided to leave the show, it reports Movie top.

Photo: TV4

After Karin Kollberg’s resignation from The farm In 2023, yet another participant has left the program. In Thursday’s episode, Rickard Castefjord told that he too was going home.

“I’m a fighter”

“This is a bit heavy so you start crying now and you have to take it, like a man or a woman. It’s like this, I’m not a quitter, I’m a fighter, I’ve been all my life,” says Rickard in the episode.

It turns out that despite his fighting spirit, Castefjord has to go home – his back won’t allow him to continue. One of the reasons why his back got worse could be the strain he was subjected to during The farm games, where he landed badly and hurt his knee. This, in turn, may have resulted in an incorrect load on the back.

Despite the injury, Rickard seems to view his time in the program positively:

“The choice to step onto the farm and be part of this journey is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done, I think,” he says and continues:

“Still understand that this short time has changed the way you look at life, it’s pretty sick, it’s awesome. Take care, please. Out of the whole bunch standing here, I haven’t seen any foul play at all. It’s neat, it’s beautiful, sexy.”

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