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Farm themed children’s party: decoration

O “Farm” theme it is a hit with children and innovates the decoration of children’s parties. The proposal seeks to insert in a fun way the elements of the field in the commemoration of the anniversary, exploring mainly the figures of the animals that live in the rural area.

The theme “Fazendinha” makes the children happy during the birthday party (photo: disclosure)

to make the happy birthday party and relaxed, it is worth investing in setting up scenarios that value the theme. With EVA or styrofoam, it is possible to make illustrations of the characters that live on the farm and assemble wonderful panels to decorate the party. If you don’t have the time, patience or creativity to make the ornaments, you can buy or rent them at a specialized store.

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What this article covers:

Firstly, it is necessary to identify the colors that refer to the theme. The shades have a strong connection with the elements of nature, so it’s worth betting on green, brown, blue and a little yellow. Wood, bales of hay and straw are two types of materials that can be used to decorate the birthday party, highlighting the rustic atmosphere of the countryside.

The decoration should value rural animals and the colors of nature (photo: publicity)

A Fazendinha is a theme that will highlight certain characters through the decoration, such as cows, chickens, chicks, sheep, horses and pigs. The designs need to be serene, colorful and capable of creating a visual identity at the party. The animal figures cannot be randomly arranged at the party, they need a context. Hence the importance of setting the party as if it were a real farm.

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main table

Make sure you decorate the main table and arouse the interest of the children (photo: publicity)

The main table of the “Fazendinha” party can be covered with a green tablecloth to symbolize the farm’s grass. To reform an interesting contrast, try to make details with brown fabric and reinforce the rural atmosphere.

Place styrofoam ornaments on the table, setting up a true scenario with the animals. Trees, lakes, flowers and houses are welcome in the composition. The plaid print can also be used in the decoration because it refers to the country style. The center of the table should be occupied by the decorated cake and next to it all the delicacies that can attract the attention of the little guests.

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As the background of the main table, assemble a panel and a balloon arch in the colors of the farm. Suddenly, “Turma do Cocoricó” or “A Galinha Pintadinha” can serve as inspiration for decorating the table and other parts of the party.

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