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Fans of Ángela Aguilar go for the jugular for “conceited” and call her superficial

american singer Angela Aguilarhas become one of the stars who most likes to show off his purchasing power based on his expensive tastes.

And that apparently is not going down very well, let’s say her fans, because they already consider her superficial.

Once again it became a trend for just showing off its luxuries, because published on his Instagram account an expensive Parada bag that has a value of around 4,400 dollars.

So her fans questioned her supposed humility and all kinds of reactions were generated.

This is not the first time that Ángela Aguilar has given something to talk about because of her way of dressing, since on previous occasions she has already been strongly criticized for making fun of cheap tennis shoes.

Even for wearing only exclusive brand clothes that cost fortunes, such as happened on this last occasion when she was harshly criticized for a Prada bag.

All this scandal was unleashed from a series of photographs published on his Instagram profile in which he showed off the outfit with which he arrived in Las Vegas to participate in the Latin Grammy ceremony a couple of weeks ago.

And in one of these postcards, Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughter showed off the bag that sparked criticism from her detractorswho undertook the task of investigating that said accessory has a price that exceeds 4 thousand dollars.

“You already exaggerate your economic position, because of what you look like, you look beautiful, but it makes you look superficial”was one of the comments against Ángela Aguilar that had the most repercussion because from it a whole confrontation between the followers and the detractors of the singer originated.

“I find it very pretty, but with so much money you can dress better”, “If the brand does not sponsor you, why does it need to show off something material?” and “His grandparents and his father are famous and they didn’t brag about the amount of money they had, We don’t see the need to make your family look bad” were some of the comments generated by Ángela Aguilar’s expensive accessory.

for now, Ángela Aguilar has not issued any statement on this controversial issueHowever, on previous occasions he has preferred to ignore these comments so as not to respond and make a bigger scandal, so it is believed that this time he will act in the same way.

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