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Fan theory: Kris Jenner is engaged to Corey Gamble

Is Kris Jenner engaged to Corey Gamble? That’s the question many are asking after Jenner showed off an impressive, to say the least, diamond ring – which looks suspiciously like an engagement ring – in an Instagram story.

Photo: Instagram @krisjenner

It was on Valentine’s Day itself that Kris Jenner showed off a diamond ring in her story on Instagram – without further commenting on what it all meant. Now many suspect that the ring, which according to Page six is worth a staggering $1.2 million, is in fact an engagement ring.

The expert: “Comes with a huge price tag”

The image of Kris’ new ring, which is adorned with a huge heart-shaped diamond, quickly sparked speculation of an engagement online.

Photo: Instagram @krisjenner

“Did you see Kris’ latest story on Instagram? A new ring from him? Engaged?” wrote one person on Reddit.

“A Kris wedding sounds like good content to [The Kardashians],” another person wrote.

Mike Fried, CEO of the company The Diamond Protell to Page Six that the lavish ring is made for Kris:

“A heart-shaped diamond of this weight is incredibly rare and comes with a huge price tag,” he says, continuing:

“But what is most remarkable is the unique shape and carefully designed ring. Most celebrities choose a round or oval stone. This ring is really a nod to Kris as a trendsetter and someone who doesn’t worry about standing out from the crowd. Heart-shaped diamonds also represent eternal love and faithfulness in a relationship.”

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble met at a party in 2014, while Kris was in the process of divorcing Caitlyn Jenner. A few months later, the new couple was seen together on vacations and dinners, and in 2015 they openly showed off their relationship on Instagram. They are now cohabitants and live together in a luxurious villa in Calabasa, California.

Neither Jenner nor Gamble have so far commented on the rumors of an engagement.

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