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Fan goes viral for lighting up and musicalizing his house for Christmas with a Bad Bunny theme

Bad Bunny.

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

The fixation for the reggaeton player Bad Bunny seems to know no limits and this was demonstrated by the Christmas decoration of one of his followers in the United States, who illuminated and set his home to music with elements alluding to ‘Bad Rabbit’.

Through a video, posted on TikTok, we were able to witness the ingenuity of the fan, who did not settle for the traditional seasonal decorations, but went further.

In his material, which lasted a few seconds, we could see that the lighting moved to the rhythm of ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’, one of the interpreter’s biggest hits.

The highly original lighting was placed in the Houston home of Frankie To-Ong, a renowned creator of light shows.

“I added Bad Bunny to the lights for a Christmassy feel. Your aunt will love it ”, was how the artist defended his design.

At the door of the garage, while the music pronounced them, the names of Gabriela, Patricia, Nicole, Sofía, María and Thalía were projected, as well as the flags of Colombia, Mexico, Texas, Puerto Rico, from the Dominican Republic and Spain.

This very original lighting is added to the one that a follower of the late Jenni Rivera put in her home.

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