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Family Game Pass is already in Colombia and this is its price • ENTER.CO

We usually complain that in Colombia the best things always arrive late. Well, for the first time we can say that we are among the first to enjoy something quite good: Family Game Pass is real and in our country we are among the first people to be able to try it.

Wait… Family Game Pass?

In case you didn’t know, there had been rumors for months that Xbox was thinking of launching a family version of Game Pass, which would allow multiple users to share the benefits of the service. The confirmation came just over a month ago when Xbox announced that it would start beta testing of this subscription model in Colombia and Ireland. Unfortunately, if you wanted to be part of these first people to enjoy the benefits, you also had to be part of the Insider Preview program.

But not anymore! Family Game Pass is available to everyone in Colombia and this is what you should know.

How much?

This is the most important point for most: Family Game Pass is priced at 49,9000 per month.

How many people can I share the account with?

You can do it with up to five different accounts. The important thing is that, unlike Netflix, the service recognizes and is intended to be used by people outside the family. Which means that if you get 5 friends, each one would be paying 10,000 pesos for Game Pass per month.

How does it work?

The important difference is that there is a person responsible for the payments and who manages which people can be within the group. Of course, you should keep in mind that you can only add a maximum of eight people per year.

Likewise, you can only join a Family Game Pass group twice a year (even within the same group). This is to avoid the trap of jumping in and out of groups so that new people can test their benefits.

Also, you can only be part of the same group at the same time.

Do I have access to all the games and benefits?

Yes. People within family accounts have access to the same library as if you had a normal game pass. Keep in mind that the rest of the restrictions also apply, such as the number of consoles or devices that you can have connected with Game Pass or the output of games from the library.

Can I share my Family Game Pass account with other people outside the country?

No. Only with people within Colombia.

What if I already have Game Pass and join a family group?

It depends on what type of account you are going to create. If you are the holder, the remaining days of your subscription will be converted to the family plan according to the following table.

If you are joining you must cancel your current version of Game Pass, otherwise you will have two active subscriptions. This also means that the goal of family accounts is primarily to attract new users to Game Pass.

Where can I find more information or change my plan?

You can read all the information about the Game Pass family plan at this link.

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