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False myth, closing apps does not save battery or data

Close the apps, we know, you are one of those who continually does this to ‘improve’ your cell phone. But now you should know that this practice does not help save battery and data.

Of course, this is a common practice for users of all types of phones. On many occasions we do not even stop to ask ourselves if this action helps in any way. We think that with this we can save battery, but it may not be so. In some previous versions of the Android operating system it was a recommendation, but not anymore.

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Sometimes we close the applications thinking of improving the performance of the cell phone, although in the end it is quite the opposite. What you should do in these cases is to have a special fixation on the apps that you use most frequently. You may constantly check messaging applications, or your social networks, and even email. If these are the ones you use the most on a daily basis, you should leave them open. The explanation is simple, when you check again it will not be necessary to recharge it, this will save battery and data of your plan.

In the Android operating system, the management of the apps is executed when they are in the background so that they are ready when you need them. Then, in the same way, the consumption of the battery is treated, which will be lower while they are open than the consumption that occurs when they must be opened from scratch after closing them.

Opening and closing the apps generates a constant consumption peak between the battery and the data, and more if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network. The result is different when it comes to the apps you use less frequently, in this case closing the apps is more beneficial. If they are one of those that spend several days without you opening them, in this case it is better to close them because the consumption peak will only occur sporadically.

Image: Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash

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