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Facebook shows a blank page when loading

Panic! Facebook is not loading. I just found something that Facebook users probably experience from time to time when trying to access Facebook.

I have tried to open the Facebook website directly in the Firefox web browser only to be greeted with a blank page. No content was displayed. I tried to reload the page with Ctrl-F5 to bypass the cache and request the page from Facebook server again, but the blank page reloaded.

He then switched to Google Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer to see if the Facebook page was loading in those browsers. Chrome loaded the page fine, Internet Explorer showed a web page it can’t display error, and Opera loaded it fine too.

Most likely, if it is running in at least one browser on your system, it is not your PC that is causing the problems. Obviously, it can still be a firewall rule, or a browser plugin or setting, but if you haven’t made any changes to those programs or settings recently, Facebook probably has a delivery issue.

So if there were no updates to your extensions or browser, firewall, or other security software, it’s likely a problem caused by the site and not by you.

Advice: Firefox users can launch the browser in Safe Mode by holding down the Shift key before clicking the icon to launch the browser. Safe mode loads the browser without any plugins or customization so you can check if the problem is related to plugins or not.

blank facebook page

The source code for the blank page was also blank, no information was provided.

Basically, there are two options you have at this point: use the browser in which the site is loading fine, or wait until Facebook resolves the issue (once you’ve figured out that it’s not your computer or browser that’s responsible for the page you’re loading into). white)

And guess what. It only took two minutes before the Facebook page loaded successfully once again in the Firefox web browser.

Here are some things you can do to further analyze the problem:

  • Clear the web browser cache and cookies, restart the browser
  • Run the browser without plug-ins or plug-ins
  • Check if other sites load, check if https://www.facebook.com/ loads

Have you ever come across a blank page when you wanted to access Facebook? How did you solve the problem?

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