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Facebook Comment Classification: What is it?

How to classify comments?

Click Settings at the top of the page. Under General, click Comment Rating. To enable comment sorting, click the checkbox next to Show most relevant comments by default to check it.

What do the dots in Facebook comments mean?

When a customer of the service leaves “dots”, they are actually leaving a comment. As soon as the person who wrote the post receives “dots”, they are really receiving interaction. That’s exactly what Facebook cares about.

What do the three dots in Facebook comments mean?:

The three points. Useful for when there is absolutely nothing good-natured to say and it is better not to say anything at all. Or for when you don’t know what to say but simply want to show up. Let them know that he is there.

How can I stop them from seeing my comments on Facebook?

Touch and hold the comment and choose Hide. To show or view a hidden comment, tap Show under the comment. After you hide a comment, you can also block the person or Page that made the comment, or report the comment if it violates the Facebook Community Guidelines.

What is comment categorization?

The comment sort setting is automatically turned on on all pages. This means that the most relevant comments will appear first under your posts.

How to classify comments on Facebook?

Go to the page. Click Page Settings at the bottom left of your page. Under General, click Comment Classification. As for turning on categorization, check the box next to Show most relevant comments by default.

How to deactivate comments on Facebook from my cell phone?

Updated mobile browser experience

  1. Tap at the top right of Facebook. So, tap Groups and choose yours.
  2. Go to the post for which you want to disable comments.
  3. Tap and then tap Turn off comments.

How are comments filtered on Facebook?

How to direct the list of adapted words:
Tap Privacy and security. Tap Edit comment settings under Comments. Type specific words, sentences, numbers, or emojis that you want to camouflage within the text canvas. Click Submit to store the list.

What does it mean to be answered with a point?

The point is the opposite of that: a definitive stop that, as linguistics teacher Mark Liberman explains, comes to say: “This is the last of the discussion.” As for some, in fact, its use can denote that the other person is upset or distant.

What does three points mean in social networks?

What does it mean to place ellipses in WhatsApp
From the most regulatory point of view, the three ellipses are used to leave an idea in suspense of another that precedes it, as a substitute factor for something that the person who is receiving the message already knows or as a popular saying. .

What is the Mitotero point?

If you are doing a quick survey for any of these groups, you will discover that there is something highly appreciated called a “mitotero dot”, which is nothing more than a dot in the comments of some other publication.

How to select who can see my comments on Facebook?

In the very bottom right of Facebook. Scroll to the bottom, tap Settings & Privacy, and choose Settings. Under Public & visibility, tap Followers & public content.
Choose who can comment on your public post:

  1. Public.
  2. Friends.
  3. Profiles and Pages you mention.

How do I make sure my friends don’t see what I comment on in a set?

Private: Only members can see who is a part of the group and what they post.
How to change the privacy of a public Facebook set that you manage:

  1. touch.
  2. Tap in the very top right.
  3. Tap Pool Settings.
  4. Touch Privacy and choose Private.

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