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Facebook begins to roll out its NFT sharing option on the platform • ENTER.CO

When Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta would focus on building the metaverse, the entrepreneur assured that to make his idea a reality, it would have to be “critical” to enable options to buy virtual goods such as NFTs. It was October 2021 and the “crypto art” fever was still at its best. Today the situation is different, however, this afternoon Meta confirmed that it has already started testing its first NFT collections on Facebook. That yes, with only a handful of creators.

This was announced by a company spokesperson, who, in conversation with TechCrunch, revealed that the company has just launched a function that supports NFTs in the social network. However, the rollout of the tool is being done slowly and in a limited way, so for the time being (and while the success of the strategy is evaluated), only a select group of creators in the US will be able to publish their collections. digital on Facebook. This support will allow such artists to display their NFTs on their personal profiles, which will be housed in a new tab called “digital collectibles.”

This section has already existed on Instagram since May of this year, when Adam Mosseri, the director of that platform, announced that a first group of creators and collectors of digital art supported by the blockchain could begin to share their digital works in multiple sections of that platform. social network.

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According to some screenshots that some Meta workers started sharing, chosen users will be able to post their NFTs on their walls as if it were a traditional photograph. However, the moment another member of the platform clicks on the publication, Facebook will show a kind of technical file that will contain details about the work, the collection to which it is part and the artist.

If the idea becomes successful, Facebook has assured that it will allow more fans to create, publish, buy and sell their NFTs through a platform’s own ‘marketplace’.

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