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Facades of Residential Walls

At residential wall facades have increasingly been the target of investments by homeowners, who want to make their properties even more beautiful and eye-catching, betting on stylish, beautiful and elegant facades. The façade conveys a bit of the personality of the residents and, of course, it is fundamental to the architecture and decoration of any project. That’s why we’ve separated some important photos and tips to help you in your mission to build and decorate yours.

Facades of residential walls (Photo: Disclosure)

At residential wall facades is responsible for the first impression that anyone will have of that property. That is, an ugly and neglected facade can lead others to think that the interior of the house is also like that, while a beautiful and very well decorated facade can give the impression that the rest of the home follows the same style.

For this reason (and also for others), it is worth investing in the external decoration of the house, starting precisely with the residential façade, which can appear in different styles, either in a simpler version, with a gate and a wall, for example, or in more worked models, with gardens, glass, decorations, different colors and much more.

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What this article covers:

Residential wall facades

Wall facades increase security and give the house a differential (Photo: Disclosure)

As most of our cities have security problems, it may be more interesting to opt for a ffound with a wall, which in addition to hindering the action of ill-intentioned people, also helps to increase the privacy of the residents.

For those who believe that such a choice can make it difficult to decorate the facade, it is worth remembering that it is possible to complement the wall with various items and materials, creating a very elegant, modern and, above all, safe style.

Several materials can be used to create facades with decorated walls, such as 3D plates, wood, porcelain, panels, plaster with friezes and even glass details, among others, making the look very beautiful. In general, it is interesting to keep, on the wall, the same style adopted in the house, including colors, coatings and design, to obtain better results.

Before getting to know the models that we have separated, how about knowing some tips that can guide you when decorating the facade of your home. In the old days, people left aside the beauty of the places and invested in keeping their bills up to date and also in the necessary, in the basics such as food and health.

After years, the evolution of beauty in architecture is seen in many corners, houses, apartments and even commercial buildings. Several specialists in the area improved and made new models, something bolder and even more beautiful to look at. This concern with decoration is something recent and is the result of many positive changes that have taken place in Brazil. Our concerns were amplified, because anyone who needs to worry about working just to buy food will certainly not think about the architecture of the house. With the country’s economic evolution, what we see is something completely opposite and beautiful, because people are taking more care of themselves, of the place where they live and work.

The field of architecture and decoration has gained a lot of space in recent years and proof of this is the presence of centers and groups in the area. In Santo André, for example, there is the so-called Polo Designer Center, which is a group of architects and decorators who join with different companies, and all work together in favor of beauty, safety and the concept.

So think carefully about your facade, what do you want to convey in it? The impression will remain, and if you want help from a specialist, you will certainly find it. But do a test and try for yourself to imagine how the colors would look right at the entrance to your house and, of course, think about the formats and designs. There are countless places that can help you put into practice the dream of making your home more beautiful, elegant and charming.

Below, check out some pictures of wall models residential.

Facade reinforcing security

This type of façade helps to increase security and privacy.

In this façade option, security was the main point, with high walls and a checkered grid in the garage. The exposed bricks add a touch of elegance.

Enhancing the architecture of the house

A very modern version (Photo: Disclosure)

This facade follows the same style adopted in the rest of the house, enhancing its architecture. Opened gates and wooden details complete the modern look. Houses like this are made in other countries and here in Brazil, they are generally residences in gated communities.

enforcing privacy

Hiding the house from prying eyes (Photo: Disclosure)

In this case, the facade hides the entire front of the house, enhancing privacy, but instead of a dull wall, there is a wall full of details that improves the look. Similar projects are found in coastal regions, such as Santos, for example. There, due to the hot weather, many architects invested in something more modern and even closed, precisely to protect some environments and even the car.

Matching the colors

In this case, the facade was combined with the style of the house (Photo: Disclosure)

This closed one continues the same style adopted in the house, following the same shapes and colors, making a beautiful set.

Alternative to steep streets

Alternative for streets that are not flat (Photo: Disclosure)

Generally, the steepest point has the lowest wall, but in this case, the opposite was chosen. In addition, the garage door was straight, creating a slight ramp on the sidewalk. There are several projects that think about how to take advantage of the facades on streets like this.

Combining multiple elements

Full of modern details (Photo: Disclosure)

Panels with filleted stones on the wall and spot lighting highlight the landscaping, not to mention the gate, which is half glass and half grid.

gate with friezes

This facade features an item that has been in great demand, the gate with friezes, which gives the garage more privacy while increasing elegance.

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Other models

In the image gallery below, you can see more photos of facades with residential walls to be inspired.

And in the video below, see how a simple and beautiful facade was built, which gave the residence a different face. Want to know more about architecture and decoration tips? We have written several articles on these and other subjects. By the way, you can always share and comment what you think of the article, what you would like to see here. After all, this is the world of all tribes!

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