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Facades of luxurious houses: photos

The first impression is the one that lasts, so the facade of your house it needs to be in accordance with your personality and refined taste standard. For those who love a very luxurious decoration, it is necessary to invest in elements that can make all the difference, such as vases, choice of colors, gates, among others. To help you compose a luxury facade Here are some good suggestions:

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Project by Carla Romanelli (Photo: Disclosure)

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facade in straight lines

In the photo above you can see the project by Carla Romanelli, where the highlight is the straight lines and a green space integrated to residence facade🇧🇷 The garage is large and can accommodate up to four cars. In addition, the project allows the residents of the house to enjoy the movement of the street in complete safety. The light colors make the residence delicate, beautiful and elegant.

Project by Rodrigo Martinelli and Vitor Cipriano (Photo: Disclosure)

textured facade

The great differential of this luxury residence is facade texture mix🇧🇷 The front wall of the house used terracor texture, canjiquinha stone and glass, but without losing balance. To make everything even more elegant, the gate was electrostatically painted, as it is made of aluminum. The project was designed by architects Rodrigo Martinelli and Vitor Cipriano.

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Project by Alessandro Alves (Photo: Disclosure)

Glass is a very beautiful element that gives everything a nice special touch, even a luxury house facade🇧🇷 In the project by architect Alessandro Alves, the beige tone of the wall was connected to the beams by glass plates, which, in addition to being elegant, made the environment brighter. The white gate closes the project with a gold key.

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The facade project must respect your taste, so it is necessary to hire an architect who can understand and polish exactly what you ask for so that a house is not left without personality or with elements the way the professional wants and not how the residents would like. . For more examples of house facadeswe separate other photos of projects below that may be useful:

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