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Facades for modern and innovative houses

At facades for modern and innovative houses are making success in the architecture field. In this article, you will have the chance to learn about the main trends and innovations, which have already begun to influence architectural projects in all corners of the world.

Facades for modern and innovative homes. (Ilustrative Photo)

The facade of the house can be considered a true work of art, so it is important to think about the colors, shapes and materials that will be used. Considered the presentation of the residence, the façade must welcome, welcome and also show the preferences of the residents.

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What this article covers:

The facades for modern and innovative houses

Mundo das Tribos separated some tips for facades for modern and innovative houses🇧🇷 Check out:

print modernity

When planning a house facade, it is very important to consider the features of the modern style. You should, for example, value simple and neutral finishes, always looking for inspiration in minimalist aesthetics (less is more). Remember that simplicity is also a form of sophistication.

Cherish modern style in every aspect. (Ilustrative Photo)

Straight lines

If you want to build an innovative façade, then you must leave traditional inspirations aside. Invest in straight lines, as they manage to impress modernity and leave the external look of the residence completely different.

Focus on the details in moderation

When we talk about a modern aesthetic, there are no fussy and meticulous details. However, you can feel free to work with some materials in the finish, such as canjiquinha stone, exposed concrete or textured paint.

Exposed concrete is on the rise. (Ilustrative Photo)

Integration of areas

For some time now, residential facades have ceased to be completely closed. The new trend is to integrate areas and leave leisure spaces on display, as is the case with the gourmet balcony.

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directed lighting

Targeted lighting is something that works really well. (Ilustrative Photo)

Directed lighting has gained increasing prominence in modern residential facades. The secret lies in placing the points of light in strategic places, that is, capable of highlighting the plants in the garden or certain architectural details.

No roof!

Have you ever imagined a house without that traditional roof? Well, that’s possible. In this type of construction, the roof does not seem to exist, but in fact it is hidden behind walls.

Combine glass and wood

Bet on the combination of glass and wood. (Ilustrative Photo)

There are two materials that are perfect for adding value to a house with a modern facade: wood and glass. The combination is sophisticated, after all, it combines the rusticity and warmth of wood with the transparency and neutrality of glass.

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Put our tips into practice and you will surely be able to create amazing facades for modern and innovative houses🇧🇷 In addition, continue on Mundo das Tribos and see other articles on architecture.

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