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Fabrics for upholstering a sofa: tips

The sofa is the protagonist of the living room. In it, people settle down to watch TV, relax, receive visits or take a nap. In addition to favoring the well-being and comfort of the home, the sofa is also an important element of decoration.

The sofa needs a sturdy and comfortable fabric. (Photo: Disclosure)

When the sofa has been present for a long time in room aesthetics, residents may end up getting sick of the model. Aging and misuse also impair the performance of furniture in decoration. In these cases, residents can opt for reform.

What this article covers:

How to choose the fabric to upholster the sofa?

• The fabric that will be used for upholster the sofa it needs to be chosen very carefully, taking into account such characteristics as strength and durability.

• A choice of material it must also take into account the lifestyle of the residents and the presence of pets or children in the house.

• If the resident wants to further protect their refurbished sofa set, they can commission a waterproofing job from an upholsterer.

• Classic residents must choose plain fabrics (without prints) to upholster the sofa.

Sofa fabric types

Check out the following sofa fabric types and the indications:

Synthetic leather sofa. (Photo: Disclosure)

Synthetic leatherette: the material is easy to clean, so it is suitable for homes with children. Another favorable feature is the price, much more affordable than genuine leather. Despite the price and ease of cleaning, leatherette is uncomfortable and gets very hot in the heat.

Jeans or denim: it is one of the most resistant fabrics for sofas. Its washing is practical and the presence of pets is not a problem.

Polyester: the fabric is not recommended for those with dogs and cats, as it frays easily. However, its cleaning is considered quite simple.

Chenille: this fabric has an intermediate price (not so cheap and not so expensive). It guarantees elegance, has a soft touch and leaves the sofa with a very pleasant look.

The chenille enhances the feeling of comfort and highlights the colors. However, he is not indicated for those with children at home, as dirt is difficult to remove.

Sofa upholstered in chenille. (Photo: Disclosure)

Pelleted twill: soft fabric, easy to clean and with good durability.

Leather: when it comes to sofas, leather stands out as the favorite fabric. This material is stylish, comfortable and able to withstand a home with pets or children. Natural leather is quite expensive and requires treatment with special products.

Noble fabrics: people looking for sophistication and comfort can bet on materials such as jacquard, silk and pre-shrunk linen to upholster the sofa. These fabrics have high values, but leave the furniture with an impeccable look.

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