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eye! YouTube’s look is changing this week • ENTER.CO

Changes are not the forte of people who enjoy the Internet. However, a report from 9to5google claims that YouTube will soon make a little change to its Look. According to the report, the change aims to unify the design and experience of the app on iOS, Android and Mac devices.

For example, most functions are now contained within ‘buttons’ instead of being embedded as text. For example, the ‘like and dislike’ is now contained within the same block, along with a grayer design to highlight this design.

In general, this seems to be the main objective of this new update: to draw people’s attention by making certain objects on the screen stand out more. For example, the first comment is now highlighted above the black background. The same with the information carousel that from now on will appear more prominent, with the aim that people read the information that the creators share in their videos, including the description, links and even the tags they use.

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The new design also integrates an ‘ambient mode’ that makes the bottom of the video dune with the title of the video. Personally, we find it a bit distracting, but fortunately you can disable it.

It is worth mentioning that some of the users have seen these changes or features separately on their different devices. Precisely, the objective of this transition is to unify the experience. What this also means is that in the coming weeks users will see more updates that implement those changes that we have mentioned and that have not been applied.

Images: 9to5google and natanaelginting on Freepik

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