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eye! This security flaw allows hackers to control your iPad, iPhone or Mac • ENTER.CO

Apple has released an ’emergency’ update after announcing to users that several of its devices had a security flaw. The worst thing about the situation is that the bug is established in phones, tablets and computers from day 0, that is, from the day of its manufacture. However, it took the company years to discover it and put in place a plan to safeguard the devices of its users…hopefully it is not too late.

The affected cell phones range from the iPhone 6s, in other words, all the phones that came out after that model (2015). In terms of iPad, all iPads Pro, iPad 5th generation and up, and iPad Air 2 were affected; while the affected Macs are all those that work with MacOS Monterrey (2021). As reported on TechCrunch, the company maintains that the failure of these devices allows hackers to take full control over them.

Likewise, the Silicon Valley-based company recommends Apple users to update their operating system. Well, once the company learned of the error, it took action on the matter by launching a solution to the threat through a security patch. So far, Apple has not reported data on the damage caused by the security flaw.

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The Cupertino company maintains that in the old version of the operating software “an application can use arbitrary code”, with illegal access to the device. This means that any hacker can perform actions on your phone, tablet or computer without your authorization. The worst thing is that the company is aware that “this possibility could have been actively exploited” by hackers.

To be more sure of having the safe version of the operating system installed, Apple maintains that they are: 15.6.1 for the iOS operating system of iPhones; iPadOS 15.6.1 for iPad and MacOS Monterey 12.5.1 for Macs. Security fixes were included in these versions after vulnerabilities were reported by anonymous researchers.

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