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!Eye! From September 1 you can get a digital ID without an appointment

For some time now, Colombians have been able to access the digital card, the identity document that will be delivered physically and digitally. Now, the National Registry of Civil Status announced that to get the digital document it is no longer required to make the appointment. In exchange, Colombians will only have to go to one of the entity’s 1,174 offices.

From next September 1, those citizens who want to issue the document only have to go to the offices. The news was announced by Didier Chilito, National Director of Identification in an interview with Blu Radio. Regarding the price of the document, it will remain the same $55,750 Colombian pesos, as determined in Resolution 5112 of 2022.

Generally, when the traditional citizenship card is issued, the password is delivered before the document, a document that is also valid to identify you while the entity gives you the official document. Well, with the issuance of the digital ID, you will also be given a password, the difference is that it, like the ID, will be delivered in digital format.

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What benefits does the digital card have?

The first thing you should know is that the physical document that is delivered with the digital ID is made of polycarbonate, the safest material in the world for physical identity documents. Said like this, the benefits of the Colombian digital ID are:

  • Greater security.
  • Impossibility of falsification or adulteration.
  • Biometric identification and authentication.
  • Non-face-to-face identification in procedures, through the WEB.
  • Guarantees the protection of personal data.
  • It generates confidence in the procedures and services of public and private entities.
  • It allows secure identity verification by the authorities.

In addition to this, you should know that all public and private organizations are obliged to accept the digital ID as your official identification document. Since, in accordance with the Constitution and the Law, the identity documents issued by the National Registry of Civil Status are the only ones that prove the identity of Colombians. Likewise, these documents must be recognized by the various authorities.

Image: National Registry

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