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Extracting an extract from Mercado Pago: step by step

Mercado Pago was created to offer digital wallet services. It belongs to the Mercado Livre group and is widely used to intermediate payments within the site. With MercadoPago it is possible to have control over sales and payments.

Even with a very simple and intuitive platform, some users still have doubts about some of Mercado Pago’s functions. One of the most common is how to extract the Mercado Pago statement. Next, understand the step by step of how to carry out this process.

What this article covers:

What is Mercado Pago?

From the Mercado Livre group, Mercado Pago is a platform created to perform the function of a digital wallet. It is responsible for intermediating user payments with banks and credit cards.

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With it, those who sell on Mercado Livre can manage their earnings on a single platform. It is also possible to make purchases at other stores and services with the current balance or with the use of any of the registered cards.

How does Mercado Pago work?

The main objective of Mercado Pago is to function as a subacquirer, that is, a company that carries out the communication of information between the buyer and the bank. The service offered by the platform is responsible for the entire payment process, even security and guarantee.

For those who want to check their financial situation and the actions already taken on the platform, it is necessary to know how to obtain a Mercado Pago statement. Check the process:

  • Open the application through your cell phone;
  • Log in with the registered information;
  • When opening, look for the ”Income” tab.

The income tab is responsible for carrying out the Mercado Pago extract process. To do so, the user must click on “Start”, so Mercado Pago will start creating a complete report. At the end, the file will be available for download in PDF.

The Mercado Pago statement can be withdrawn by the user on the platform. The company does not send reports by email, so anyone who wants to take a statement should look for the ”Income” tab.

After the process, the customer can download the Mercado Pago statement in PDF format. Thus, it is possible to send it via email or messaging applications.

The user who is unable to extract the paid market statement due to a problem with the platform or system, can be contacted through the chat available in the application and website.

To talk to a Mercado Pago agent via chat, just look for the ”Help” tab on the website or application. If the problem is not described among the categories of questions, look for the ”Contact Us” button.

Thus, the customer will be able to choose the means by which he wishes to expose his problem, with the Mercado Pago system or with an employee. This problem is usually easily solved, but if necessary, the user can contact the platform by calling 0800 637 7246.

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