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Extracting an extract from Mercado Pago: step by step

The Mercado Pago statement can be useful in several situations for you to check your account balance and transactions and have more control over your financial organization. Therefore, in order to facilitate this activity in your daily life, in this article we will point out the step by step so that you have your statement at hand whenever you need it, follow along!

What this article covers:

To get the Mercado Pago statement, you need to access the application and find the Income option in the menu. It is inserted in the corner of your screen, and when you select it, the application will open a new page.

Press Start and wait for the application to create a report of your activities done during the given period. Once you’re ready, you’ll be able to download the PDF file, which you can either access by virtual means, or you can print it for easier viewing, in addition to possible markings and annotations that you might want to make.

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With the new MP updates, it has become much easier and more practical to request a Mercado Pago statement through the application. If you prefer, you can do it directly on the computer through the website, because the step by step will be the same.

Having the PDF in your documents will let you know exactly how your account moved, what came in, what went out, the period of your main purchases and what you spent on each expense. So you have control of your financial life in your hands, and you know what to do to save more.

You will see in the Mercado Pago statement, information such as expenses, purchases, sending and receiving amounts and other information regarding the movement of your account. There will be the periods you used the credit/debit card, how much you spent and the remaining balance amounts.

This is a type of information that must be included in all statements, in order to make users aware of the amounts spent and the days on which the card was used.

If you happen to be unable to access your Mercado Pago statement, contact the MP team immediately via chat. It is possible to carry out this procedure both through the website and through the App, so look for the “Help” option and proceed to “Contact Us”.

If you still cannot solve this problem, try calling 0800-637-7246 and talk to one of the company’s attendants, to request that your Mercado Pago statement be sent to an email address to which you have regular access.

It’s quite simple to fix the problem. Remember that the platform may be undergoing maintenance, which means that you will not have access to information at that time. In that case, wait a few hours and try to request the document again.

As we explained before, having a Mercado Pago statement ensures that you can see all purchase and spending data for a given period. It is possible to see what came in, what went out and in which periods certain amounts were posted.

This is a very important type of information, as you keep track of expenses and will help you remember what was consumed in the period. That way, you have a sense of what you can spend this next month and what should be kept.

In addition, we cannot forget that with the Mercado Pago statement, you can verify accurate information on absolutely all purchases, as well as the amount of installments that you have already paid or that are still pending.

And if you do not recognize a certain purchase on a specific date, you will be able to contact the MP team to understand what happened and take the appropriate measures to avoid being financially harmed.

It may happen, however difficult it may be, for third parties to have access to your information and use your card details to make purchases. Always be aware, as it is precisely these observations that will guarantee the total protection of your account and your data.

There is no deadline for viewing the Mercado Pago statement, as it is a document to be downloaded to your cell phone or computer, in PDF format, which will be available whenever you want to read it. In addition, you can request extracts for the periods you need.

What is the deadline for viewing the extract
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You don’t have to worry about periods or hours of validity for this type of document, as they remain current and active until you move your account. Thus, it will be necessary to request a new report of your statement when new movements have to be observed.

However, it is recommended to carry out the procedure once a month. You keep track of what you’ve had in expenses for the whole month, and wait for the next one to move the account with money, purchases and send payments to your contacts.

What is Mercado Pago?

Mercado Pago is a digital financial institution. That is, this is a bank where you shop, pay for certain services, use your credit card and make installments, or simply take care of your financial life.

Prefer to be in control of your business? With Mercado Pago you will be able to have an excellent machine, create a payment link and have Pix to help you work and receive transfers from your customers. It’s an automated, practical, intuitive service with a menu full of options that will help you decide what to do on a daily basis.

In the Mercado Pago statement, you will see everything that was purchased in order of dates, and with the images of the products if they were purchased through Mercado Livre. Be aware of this information in order to confirm your purchase information with what is presented to you.

Transfers made to your account will appear, such as payments made by the machine, by Pix, TED and DOC. This way, you can check if the data matches what was actually received in your account.

These are some of the data that will be present in your Mercado Pago statement, so read the content slowly and always very carefully.

What advantage does Mercado Pago offer to customers?

Now that you’ve learned how to view your Mercado Pago statement, know that the company offers debit and credit cards, a free bank account, in addition to several other useful day-to-day services that will make your life more practical.

If you need a card machine, with Mercado Pago you can get it and it is possible to make the purchase through a good installment plan. All really practical to better meet your daily needs at work.

Who can have a Mercado Pago account?

Any person of legal age can have an MP account, where it will be possible to check the Mercado Pago statement and see the expenses. You create your account on the site and guarantee access to a variety of very interesting features.

In addition, you can easily access the Free Market to make your purchases. In this way, you will see through Mercado Pago what was purchased, the payment period and the amount spent in this process.

If you have any kind of problem through the MP, just contact the company’s specialized team directly. They will resolve any circumstances you may have had with your purchase or account.

Learning how to extract a Mercado Pago statement will allow you to have the document ready to consult at any time. This work becomes more practical when you can have this type of consultation on your cell phone, to have the information at your fingertips.

Now that you know how to get your Mercado Pago statement, why not read more articles about cards and digital accounts?

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