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Extract Flash files from browser cache

Whenever I want to save a flash file, like a game or an animation I’ve been playing/watching, I have to go to Firefox’s cache folder and look for a file with the correct extension and size. This is a lot of work if you have a large cache or want to extract many flash files at once. Also, sometimes it is not so easy to find the appropriate file in the cache, since it is often not possible to link the file names to the flash applications.

A much easier method would be to use the free Movie Extractor Scout lite software. Movie Extractor Scout scans the cache of Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox automatically to create a list of all the Flash files it finds stored there. You can view them once the list is created, grab the download link, or add them to your favorites, which means the file is saved somewhere else on your hard drive.

You might be wondering how you can get those flash files into your cache in the first place. This is really easy, just visit the website and watch or play. The file will be automatically transferred to your cache. Some multi-file games may not work with Movie Extractor Scout lite, but most individual games will.

The developers website has a tutorial on how to create executable files from swf (the flash files), which is great if you want to make the app standalone. (send to a friend, for example).

video cache view

To updateNote: The program hasn’t been updated since 2007 and it’s not really clear if it works properly anymore, considering that the developer’s website seems to be no longer available.

An alternative is Video Cache View by Nirsoft or one of the cache view programs from the same developer.


  1. You can sort by file size or download URL, for example, and sometimes even by title.
  2. You can add the caches of Firefox, Opera, Chrome and other browsers in Advanced Options. This can be useful, for example, if the program has not detected the browser or if you are using a portable version.
  3. If you want to download .swf files, you need to enable the feature before it becomes available.

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