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Extra Income | See how to make Extra Money!

To do Extra Income it’s a way that many people find to supplement their salary, pay off some debt or even have extra money at the end of the month.

If you are interested, know that there are super powerful ideas, means and ways that we can adopt and earn our extra income.

Keep reading to find out how to make extra income in a super simple and easy way to apply, allowing you to actually earn some money.

What this article covers:

Keep in mind that extra income is supplementary money to what you already earn and helps a lot to pay bills or buy new goods. In addition, having extra money gives us a break in the budget and helps to improve our quality of life.

We also know that many people are unhappy in their current job, are unemployed, would like to do another activity or continue in their current job and just supplement their income.

If you are one of those people, read on!

Before taking action, it’s important to plan.

Put on paper the pros and cons of the activities you will have to do to earn this money. Always remembering that you will need to learn, practice and dedicate yourself to really save the dreamed money.

It is also necessary to avoid some situations in order not to disturb your extra earnings:

  • No difference: you must excel in whatever activity you are going to do. Whether in the work itself or in the treatment you give the customer, always look for the highlight so that people remember you.
  • Being negligent about your well-being: to make extra income it is necessary to act. We spend a lot of energy moving and thinking. So save your energy to do the best job possible.
  • Being disorganized: do not waste time?? Prepare everything before acting. Have all the necessary tools close at hand to apply to the job. Don’t waste your time in vain.

This will depend on the chosen activity.

But our intention is to talk about activities that we spend as little as possible on investments. This text was made thinking about saving your pocket with extra expenses.

Perhaps the biggest investment you will make in any option you choose will be the investment of time.

It is worth mentioning that there is no point in obtaining an extra income when you do not have control of your expenses.

First of all, you should evaluate yourself and ask yourself if you are a financially in control person. If not, it is essential to correct the problem, because no one prospers by spending more than they earn.

Route corrected, it’s time to think about what to do with this extra money. So, after earning your extra income, set goals to earn even more money.

Understand that the fastest ways to make money are those we already know how to do and just depend on us deciding to do the work.

See if you already have skills for some of these activities and go for action.


Great way to earn extra income Uberrequires something that is not very difficult from you: knowing how to drive.

However, as a company, Uber will impose certain rules, such as: your car must be in good condition, your minimum age must be 21 years old, you will have to treat your work seriously, picking up your customer on time and treating them well, among other points.

Remembering that many people who started at Uber just to make extra money liked the job and started to live solely and exclusively from Uber.

In addition, Uber gives you freedom of schedule that a conventional job would not.

This way, you can combine it with another job or, as many do, leaving Uber only on weekends.

This is a job that will require organizing your calendar, commitment to a company, commitment to clients, but which in the end can be a good source of income.

make deliveries

It is a simple job and can be very worthwhile.

Let’s assume you work or live in an area close to the post office. You can enter into an agreement with a store and start sending orders.

For the store it can also be a great deal, because it avoids sending an employee who could be serving a customer, instead of “wasting time” at the post office.

Walk with the puppies

Walking the dogs has already become a sought-after profession. Animal owners, not having time to walk with them, prefer to hire a helper to do this work.

Sell ​​your used items

You probably have used items in your house.

It could be a shirt, sneakers, shoes, some furniture or appliances that you no longer use. How about letting go of them and making some money?

This is a very quick way to make extra income, and it’s also sustainable.

Rent a room in your house

One of the best extra income tips is this.

It could be that area at the back of your house that was used as a trinket storage room. Many people need a space to leave equipment or items that do not fit in their own home.

In situations like this, you won’t need a well-kept space with improvement costs. Just be a simple deposit.

rent your goods

Do you have an extra refrigerator left over, a washer that you barely use, or your car that sits all day collecting dust from lack of use?

So you can help other people to solve their lives and, in addition, earn money with it.

There are many people who need a car to get around, but who cannot or do not buy one. Maybe renting to this person is a great idea. Or you could rent out your idle fridge to someone having a party over the weekend.

We have many things that we can offer for a limited time.

offer a ride

Do you know people who live in one city and work in another?

Do you leave early every day by car to go to work in another city?

A good idea would be to take the opportunity to give a ride to those who are going to make the same journey.

That way, you can cover the cost of gas and still have some change left over. Some applications that you download on your cell phone like BlaBlaCar help you to know which people need a ride.

These applications are easy to operate and work as follows: you who offer the ride inform the route you are going to travel, date, time of travel and the amount charged for the ticket.

Jobs that require maintenance

Cleaning the land, yard, pool, car, mowing the lawn, throwing out the garbage, changing light bulbs… Many things require maintenance.

Every day, thousands of people need services that will be redone again in the future.

They are small things that, despite being simple, are laborious and will always ask for maintenance again. Here you come into action earning money.

translate texts

Do you have a facility with languages? Are you fluent in a language?

With the internet, many people are sending resumes, articles and master’s theses to all corners of the world. An impeccable translation is necessary to pass credibility.

Furthermore, multinationals that want to advertise their services in Brazil are constantly looking for translators.

Check which platforms this service can be offered on: fiverr?? freelancer.com.br?? ulatus?? wordlink and workana??

sewing to sell

You can earn good money with your sewing machine, because who doesn’t have an item of clothing that needs a little adjustment or repair?

Share your work with friends and neighbors. Over time, your clientele only tends to increase.

make food to sell

An interesting fact about food is that it belongs to specific tribes and niches.

For example, fitness food is aimed at people who go to the gym. This public is concerned with the amount of carbohydrates and proteins they eat.

We have vegan food with a public concerned about the environment, excesses of pesticides, preservation of the natural product and perhaps the main thing is the preservation of animal life, thus avoiding the consumption of meat.

There is also that food that is seasonal. An example of this is at the time of Easter that Easter eggs appear.

Knowing how to fit into this food universe is not difficult and your extra income is guaranteed.

When we talk about making money on the internet, there are many possibilities and here we are going to talk about the ones that stand out the most and the reasons for working with digital marketing.

Free market

Great place to emerge extra income ideas once Free market serves this purpose perfectly.

Do you have that old bike, which has been leaning against it for years? (Do you still remember her?).

Yeah, it can earn you some extra money.

This happens because the free market brings together people who want to sell and people who want to buy. All in one place.

When a person buys your bike, your future money is stored in Mercado Livre and as soon as the buyer of your product receives the goods, you receive your money deducted from the commission that is left with Mercado Livre.

distance teacher

When we think of the word teacher, that angry math teacher or that annoying Portuguese teacher who used to pick on us comes to mind, right?

Well, you know, the word teacher is much broader!

Everyone has something to teach. And this teaching can and should become a source of income.

Are you good at the guitar? There’s always someone wanting to learn the songs you play or the techniques the instrument requires.

Do you understand computers? There are many people willing to pay and learn basic things like opening an online account, learning how to make an email or just knowing how to open the photos you receive in your email box.

Did you notice how many ideas to make extra income?

In summary, we are all teachers in some activity, now you just have to find yours.

Write and sell books across platforms

Do you like to write? How about writing a book? Did you know that through the internet you can publish your own book without having to sign a contract with a publisher?

Digital platforms like Amazon have the Kindle Direct Publishingwhere we sell our books quickly and conveniently, in a few minutes you can make your ebook or physical book available for sale.

The coolest part is that we can publish about any subject we master or that we want to talk about, you keep 70% of the sale value and the whole world will have access to your story.

Setting up your virtual store requires a little practice and study, but it’s super possible to make extra income that way.

The advantages of opening a virtual store are numerous, as it does not require a physical location and rent to be maintained.

In addition, opening a virtual store is simpler and less bureaucratic than a physical store. Not to mention you can keep your stock of products at home. Platforms like Cloudshop and Tray can help you open your e-commerce and guarantee your extra income.

work as an affiliate

Working as an affiliate means that you will sell some third-party product and in return earn a share of this sale. It is currently one of the best ways to earn extra income on the internet.

There are thousands of types of products that we can affiliate with. For example, slimming products, supplements, courses, books and applications that we can affiliate with.

The cool part of working as an affiliate is that we only have to worry about selling, the product is already ready. So, you should only work out the promotion for people to buy from you.

set up a website

Another interesting way to make extra income is through your own website.

The secret of a successful website is to have traffic, that is, to have people reading your articles.

When your website acquires a good number of visitors, it makes it possible to market products within it.

We can charge a company to put its image on the site or we can affiliate with a product and leave it on display on the site. Everything will depend on your strategy.

Did you like the tips? Leave your comment.

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