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Extension of delivery of the Gas card in the DF

The gas card has been in existence since August 10th, and gives a bimonthly benefit of R$100, which can only be used to purchase gas cylinders, each weighing 13 kg. The bonus can only be granted to families that meet the financial requirements for which the program is intended.

What this article covers:

Understand the extension for the gas card

The distribution would end on the 15th of this month of October, but due to the fact that only 30% of beneficiaries have sought their card, Banco De Brasília has been expanding the period of the benefit, starting to be valid until the 22nd of the same month. As for the benefit, it is an auxiliary value of one hundred reais, to help financially needy families.

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The extension was a way to avoid further wear and tear on these families, taking into account that the auxiliary amount for October was already planned and they are not making an extra expense, just extending the deadline for those who have not yet received their respective benefit.

What are the agencies that deliver the benefit of the gas card?

BRB has 38 gas card distribution agencies, including:

  • North Taguatinga
  • Ceiland
  • Brazilland
  • Guará 1
  • Central
  • National Ensemble
  • North Ceiland
  • Fern
  • Paranoá
  • Candangolândia
  • Taguatinga do Sul
  • north lake
  • South-west
  • Santa Maria
  • Hélio Prates
  • P South
  • EPNB
  • Clear water
  • Vila Buritis
  • Sobradinho II
  • Botanical Garden
  • Taguatininga
  • JK
  • gamma
  • SIA
  • Bandeirante Nucleus
  • Sobradinho
  • San Sebastian
  • Planaltina
  • south celandia
  • Alpha (Gamma)
  • south lake
  • deep River
  • Recanto das Emas
  • Hospital in Brazil
  • Southern Fern
  • Structural
  • Vicente Pires

How to withdraw the gas card benefit?

Before attending the agency, the person seeking the benefit must access the

site so that you can then find out where you should go to pick up the card.

It is necessary to carry a document with a photo on the day of attendance, and the card can be unlocked at the BRB through the center, or by calling 613029-8440, or via the BRB application.

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