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exports reach 24.5 million euros

A growth of 18.2 percent in 2022 allowed Dão wines to significantly increase sales abroad.

Wines from the Dão demarcated region continue to stand out from the national wine scene and recorded the highest increase in wine exports across the country last year.

They grew 18.2% in turnover on the external market, a value much higher than the 1.52% growth in Portuguese wines as a whole.

According to data revealed by the National Institute of Statistics, regarding the External Market, between January and December 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, wines from the Demarcated Region of Dão exported to 80 countries and showed an overall growth of 1.3% in volume, 18.2% in value and 16.6% in average liter price.

In the last year, Dão wines earned more than 24.5 million euros with sales abroad, with Canada, Germany, the United States of America, Belgium and Brazil as the main destinations. Also noteworthy is the extraordinary performance in the United Kingdom and Spain, which grew by 133% and 27% in volume, respectively.

In the Euro zone, Dão rises 5% in volume and 8.7% in average price, while third countries achieve growth of 21% in turnover and 22% in the euro price per litre, representing 64% of sales on the foreign market .

Territory full of potential

“The excellence and quality of our wines continue to be highly recognized both nationally and internationally, which naturally makes us very proud. We have been conquering more and more markets and specialists, proving that Dão is a territory full of potential, competitive and differentiating”, says the President of the Dão Regional Wine Commission (CVR), Arlindo Cunha.

“These sales figures on the foreign market are another significant step in our growth as a reference wine region, something that we want to maintain, consolidate and solidify in the future”, he concluded.

The Regional Wine Commission (CVR) of Dão is the entity that represents the interests of the economic agents involved in the production and commercialization of wines (or other wine products) that have the Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) Dão.

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