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‘Expo Tu Nuevo Hogar’ encourages you to buy a home in 2021

  • The virtual fair is free and will offer conferences, workshops for the home, mortgage advice, exclusive discounts, among many other things to buy a home in 2021.

Despite the contingency generated by Covid-19 during 2020, the demand for housing does not stop. According to a survey conducted by the real estate portal vivancios to 1,200 people, 50% of Mexicans intends to move to a new home during this 202125% have no plans to move, 17% will continue with their plans to move until the pandemic is over, 5% had plans to move but lost their job, and 3% had to move back in with their parents/relatives.

The survey titled ¨Real estate interests of Mexicans for 2021¨, It also revealed that of the total number of respondents who intend to move to a new home; 70% plan to buy a home in 2021, 17% intend to rent a home and 13% build a home, so Mexican families continue to intend to purchase a home.

In response to this need, Vivanuncios will carry out from June 10 to 20 the ‘Expo Your New Home‘, a free virtual fair that will bring together more than 80 renowned development companies in the country, who through the platform site will offer more than 400 real estate projects for new homes whose prices range between 1 and 5 million pesos.

It should be noted that according to the results of the survey ‘Displacement of Real Estate Properties for 2021”, carried out by the real estate portal Vivanuncios to more than 70 owners, partners, directors and managers of the sales areas of various development companies in the country; 62% of those surveyed consider that the average home will be the segment with the greatest potential throughout 2021, which is in a range of 900 to 1 million 950 thousand pesos.

In this regard, 20% foresee that popular housing could be the second with the best performance in sales, while 18% consider that it will be residential housing.

It should be remembered that at the beginning of the year, businessmen in the housing sector indicated that the outlook for the year was optimistic, with projections that exceeded the dynamics observed in 2020.

buy housing 2021

Vivanuncios encourages you to buy a home in 2021

Through the expo, users will find housing options from various entities in the country. They will even be able to access the best offers on the market.

Among the participating companies, the following stand out: Altius, Arga, Blendhaus, CADU, Casas Trio, Corintio, CTU, Developer of the Park, El Faro de los Cisnes, Real Estate Structure, Inmobilem, Fincamex, Landus, Nesol, Noord, Real Solares de Vinte, Ruba, SADASI, Terraregia, Traacsa and many more.

In addition to this, ‘Expo Tu Nuevo Hogar will offer participants a series of virtual conferences with specialists, among which the following stand out:

  • Know your credit report to improve your chances of obtaining mortgage credit’ by Wolfgang Erhardt, spokesperson for the Credit Bureau.
  • “Let’s buy it!”, What should I know after choosing a property by Fernando Bustamante, CEO of AB Real Estate.
  • 3 aspects to evaluate before buying a house for him Ing. Raúl García Boughton, project director of Imobilem.
  • Areas with the greatest potential and added value in Mexico City by Justino Moreno, Chief Data Officer of TINSA Mexico.
  • Sustainability associated with surplus value by Oscar Mier Salazar, sales director of El faro de los cisnes.
  • Today the Mortgage Credit is an extraordinary tool to buy your house or apartment by Fernando Soto-Hay, general manager of Tu Hipoteca Fácil.
  • Notarial procedures when purchasing a home for him Dr. David Figueroa Márquez, Notary 57 of Mexico City and President of the American Affairs Commission of the International Union of Notaries.
  • Is it a good time to buy your first home? by Horacio Urbano, President of the Urban Center.

As well as workshops with scotiabank, GAIA, COMEX, among others. The intention will be to provide information so that families can make the decision to buy a home in 2021 with the best tools.

This bet by Vivanuncios is one more that adds to the series of events and tools that it has made available to real estate professionals and users of the portal since the start of the pandemic. The objective is to facilitate the purchase process so that Mexicans do not stop their process of acquiring a property.

“We consider that it is a good time to invest in real estate, only mortgage credit was one of the most resilient during the crisis last year, in fact, banking specialists consider that it is the best time to acquire a mortgage loan and buy a house , due to the low level of rates and attractive terms, in addition to being a good alternative for investment, since housing prices always generate capital gains¨, indicated Roberto Esses, CEO of Vivanuncios.

In addition, the event is part of a scenario, identified by specialists, as one of recovery in the real estate market.

In this regard, for example, during the first quarter of 2021, the Institute of the Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) granted 111,767 credits for acquisition, which indicates that there was an increase of 14.5%, this compared to the same period. of 2020, which, according to directors of the Institute, is a continuation of the reactivation in the industry during this year.

¨Expo Your New Home¨ will be totally digital, so thanks to this feature, families will be able to access it 24 hours a day through the site: https://expotunuevohogar.mx/ and embark on the path to acquire their new home, in addition to being a totally free event, where they will have access not only to information on the homes, but also to discounts and exclusive promotions.

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