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Exploring the relationship between tourism and geographic space

How is tourism related to space?

Within tourism, as they explain, consumption and production develop simultaneously, and it is the demand that moves. For tourist activity, geographic space is a support and a resource (natural and cultural heritage), but at the same time it is a factor of development and location.

What is geographic space in tourism?

It is the physical base where the conjunction or finding between the offer and the demand takes place and where the resident population is located, which is not in itself a tourist element, but is considered an essential factor of cohesion or disintegration, according to has been taken into account or not when planning the

What does tourism contribute to Geography?

The importance of tourist activity for geography resides in the fact that it is capable of energizing the territory, creating new configurations from the correlations and spatial effects that it causes.

What is the relationship between Geography and geographic space?

Geography is the science whose object of study is geographic space, which is the product of the sophisticated relationship between Society and Nature. This society is the one that organizes the Geographic Space, while the little man uses the medium positively or negatively, originating the Environment.

What is related to tourism?

Tourism is a social, cultural and affordable phenomenon linked to the movement of people to places that are outside their typical place of residence for very personal or business/professional reasons.

How is tourism related to events?

Event tourism is a tourism typology that includes tourism for conventions, congresses and assemblies, and which requires knowledge of the affordable, social, educational and environmental reality within a systemic and occasional vision (Carrizo and Vieira, 2009).

How does it differ from tourist space and tourist area?

A region is called a field of a surface or a terrain. Tourist, for its part, is an adjective that refers to what is related to tourism (the activity carried out by a person as soon as they travel to a place other than their home and spend the night on said website).

How is geography divided into tourism?

Tourist Geography is being divided into two voluminous fields; Natural Tourism Geography and Educational Tourism Geography.”

What are the types of tourist space?

The types of tourist spaces are differentiated between natural, educational and mixed.

What is the difference between tourism geography and tourism geography?

The Geography of tourism or tourist Geography is the branch of Geography that studies and explains the processes and interactions that generate the spatial structure of tourist destinations.

What contribution tourism?

Tourism has become one of the main players in international trade, and at the same time is one of the main sources of income for many growing countries. This development goes hand in hand with increased diversification and competition among tourist destinations.

What does the tourist geography of the world study?

This subject proposes the learning of international geographical and tourist aspects, both on the territorial typologies and on the organization of such territories by the human groups that inhabit them, and that are at the base of an important part of the tourist attractions. zoned

What is the difference between the concepts of Geography and geographic space?

Geographic, on the other hand, comes from geographicus and refers to what belongs to or is related to geography (the science dedicated to the description of the Earth). The notion of geographic space, then, is used by geography to name the space organized by a society.

What relationship does geographic space have with other spaces?

What is the relationship between Geography and geographic space?
The geographical space is the enclave in which the groups of human beings develop in their interrelation with the environment, therefore it is hand to a social construction. It is the space that human beings use for their existence, for exactly the same and thanks to them, it is formed and evolves.

What relationship exists between geographic space and history?

It is easy to understand the link between both sciences: Geography is studying space (territory) and the phenomena that occur in it, and History is studying the phenomena of a place -space- to the film of climate. Historical events were influenced by natural phenomena.

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