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Exploring the Characteristics of Organic Abstraction

What are the characteristics of abstraction?

Abstract art is the opposite of figurative art (that is, the representation of recognizable objects through identifiable images). Therefore, abstraction does not stage specific “things” of nature but rather proposes a new reality. He proposes a “pure art” looking beyond our own reality.

What is an organic abstraction?

Organic abstraction is an artistic style characterized by “the use of rounded or wavy abstract shapes based on what one finds in nature.”

What are the three essential elements within abstract art?

characteristics of organic abstraction
Abstract art employs a visual language of form, color, and line (essential, pure elements) to innovate a composition that can exist independently of visual references in the real world.

What are the 3 essential elements of abstract art?:

What are the three essential elements in abstract art?
It takes by name abstract art or specific art to those artistic expressions based on elements such as line, point, color and material as an independent and independent language of the reproduction of recognizable objects, that is, figurativism.

What is geometric abstraction and its characteristics?

What are the characteristics of abstraction?
Geometric abstraction is characterized by planning painting on rational beginnings and aspires to objectivity and universality, defending the use of neutral elements, generally geometric, which give clarity, accuracy and objectivity to the work, while eliminating the sensitive capacity and

How is abstraction composed?

What are the characteristics of abstraction?
Abstract art dispenses with the representation of a subject or a figurative subject and replaces it with an autonomous visual language, with characteristic meaning. Abstract painting is understood to be that which completely dispenses with the object and the figure and the canvas is composed through the combination of lines and colors.

What are the abstract art models?

There are two genres of Abstract Art: lyrical abstraction and geometric abstraction.

Where does organic abstraction arise?

As current, the origin of abstract art is usually set in the year 1910 with the appearance of the work First Abstract Watercolor by the Russian painter Vasili Kandinsky or Kandinsky.

What is organic art?

What is an organic abstraction?
Organic Art promotes the vision of a diverse but integrating cosmos, where the complementary ones inhabit a common space and attribute meaning to each other. The viewer must feel inescapably attracted to this exotic window.

What is lyrical and organic abstraction?

What is an organic abstraction?
Lyrical abstraction is an artistic current in which artists refuse to represent reality objectively. The greatest of those concerned in this same field was Wassily Kandinsky. An artist who made abstractions charged with feeling.

What elements does abstract art have?

Peculiarities of Abstract Art
The plastic elements are the protagonists: the line, the point, the color, the smooth, the geometry, the material and the composition. The artist uses the colors, the figures, the lines and the forms as he wishes, to escape from the usual reality.

What is an abstract element?

An abstract object is an object that does not have matter, does not participate in causal relationships and is not in the space-climate, but on which actions can be delimited. They are products of abstraction applied to material objects or other types of entities.

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