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Exploring Sun and Beach Tourism: An UNWTO Perspective

What is OMT sun and beach tourism?

Sun and beach tourism is defined as “the one that is found in the entire riverside location with extensive geography, it is there where the tourist can enjoy radiant weather during the day and recreational activities at night with mild temperature” (Gómez, 2017), although there are different efforts to

What is sun and beach tourism?:

Coastal tourism or sun and beach tourism occurs in riverside towns where there are beaches and most of the time the weather conditions are radiant weather and warm temperatures (from 28 to 32 °C). In these same towns there are usually a large number of hotels and activities such as leisure and available time.

How is tourism related to sun and beach?

Sun and beach tourism refers to tourist activities that take place on beaches and coastal regions, where the climates are identified as being radiant (few clouds) and warm (high temperatures).

What is understood by tourism according to the UNWTO?

Tourism is a social, educational and affordable phenomenon that involves the displacement of people to countries or places outside their usual enclave for very personal, professional or business reasons.

Where is sun and beach tourism developed?

sun and beach tourism definition omt
The spaces where travelers gather to enjoy their own vacations this summer are, for the most part, sun and beach tourist destinations such as: Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community, Catalonia, Asturias, Aragon, Galicia, Cantabria, the Canary Islands and the Basque.

Where does tourism take place?:

Border areas are geographic regions with potential for the development of tourism through community tourism, whose purpose is to improve the socioeconomic and educational development of local commercial communities, as well as preserve the natural assets of the tourist destination.

What is coastal tourism?

Tourism in the coastal space involves taking advantage of specific environmental peculiarities. It is based on the use and consumption of an appropriate combination of geophysical coefficients that become a natural resource with social value.

What are vacationers looking for in sun and beach tourism?

SUN AND BEACH TOURISM SEEKS RELAXATION. Rest, disconnection… as the main driver. And an attribute that everyone is looking for in the tourist destination is, obviously, GOOD WEATHER – WARM.

What is tourism according to the UNWTO PDF?

Definition of tourism according to the UNWTO: the activities carried out by people during their own trips and stays in places other than their natural enclave for a consecutive period of less than one year for leisure, business and other reasons.

How is tourism and the environment communication related?

By applying Sustainable Tourism in a region, it is possible to reduce waste to a minimum, preserve and process the use of energy, take advantage of water, monitor the use of toxic substances, etc., committing tourists to the environment in order to preserve the area they visit and do not emit waste that harms the environment.

What were the beginnings of sun and beach tourism?

How is tourism related to sun and beach?
Sun and beach tourism began to take off in Mediterranean destinations in the 1960s, as soon as reservations were made in small travel agencies and the options for choosing flights were very scarce.

Where is the sun and beach path located?

Where is sun and beach tourism developed?
The Sun and Beach Route of El Salvador, with an approximate span of 300 kilometers; It shows us the most beautiful of the Pacific Ocean in the Salvadoran coastal zone. Enjoy the most beautiful and tourist beaches, which you will want to miss.

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