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explaining the chain of problems behind the Flash star • ENTER.CO

All Ezra Miller scandals are easy to confuse. For this reason, at ENTER.CO we have prepared a summary of the actor’s current status.

If Warner Bros. has been absolutely silent on Flash… it’s because it’s not the best time to talk about the movie. The reason is that Ezra Miller, the actor who plays the Speedster, has had a 2022 in which a series of quite worrying problems, demands and behaviors have been revealed. So much so that at this point it is much more practical to make an article explaining and compiling all the incidents, than to dedicate just one.

The first offense (which drew attention)

First thing: Miller’s problems are not unique to 2022. However, the actor this year caught the attention of the media and DC fans after the actor was arrested in Hawaii in March of this year for disturbing public order. after verbally assaulting some people in a Karaoke.

The worst thing is that, a month later, the actor was again arrested by authorities in Hawaii. This time for assault, after Miller was asked to leave in an encounter and the actor responded by throwing a chair at a 26-year-old woman.

The accusations that have come to light

These events led to a series of new complaints against the actor, the severity of which has only increased as new cases are reported. In June of this year, the parents of a minor accused Miller of harassing her daughter. Apparently the star of The Flash was manipulating the 18-year-old girl using drugs, alcohol and gifts. The accusations date back to 2017 and it is important to mention that the minor has publicly denied these events.

In June, a report was also published that ensures that Miller was hosting a mother and three children. What’s problematic for Warner is that the place they’re staying is an unlicensed Cannabis farm in Vermont, which also reportedly has a fair amount of guns (Miller has long been a gun-carrying advocate). Again, there are conflicting accounts with her mother claiming that the actor helped her escape an abusive relationship.

Are all the reports recent?

No. In fact, shortly after the events in Hawaii, Warner reportedly had an emergency meeting to discuss Ezra Miller’s future with the studio. At that time, the actor was linked to the “Fantastic Animals” and “The Flash” franchises, but various reports on the set of both productions accused the actor of behaving erratically and violently.

All this aroused a complaint made by a woman in Iceland. The event occurred in 2020 when, according to her account, she approached Miller in a bar, they began to talk and the actor at some point began to act aggressively and asked her to “fight”. The woman, thinking that she was bothering her, stayed with Miller, who then grabbed her by the neck and began to choke her.

That’s it?

Not really. As if this were not enough, a couple of weeks ago Ezra Miller published through his Instagram different messages mocking justice with messages like “You can’t touch me, I’m in another universe.” Not the best message when

What does this mean for the future of your movies?

Most likely, Ezra Miller will not return to the DCU, the Harry Potter universe and being honest to the world of cinema in a very good time. The crisis of reputation that the actor has at the moment is something that no project wants to carry.

This may also mean that the Flashpoint movie may be one of those projects that ends up not getting a theatrical release. These types of films usually mean a significant investment on the part of the studio.

And let’s get one thing straight: Miller is outside of the DC universe. Warner hasn’t confirmed it, but at this point The problem is that right now his star is literally a fugitive from justice, which means the film doesn’t have the best entrance. Warner also has problems promoting the film, not only because it does not have its star, but also because under these conditions it is impossible to carry out a press tour and, more importantly, it puts at risk that its premiere coincides with some judicial process that has as its center your star.

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