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Exercises to tone legs and buttocks at home

Is your goal to tone the legs and buttocks? If you want a specific training program with reaffirming exercises to tone legs and buttocks at home, try these exercises that we propose from ManzanaRoja.

Toning the legs and buttocks is possible, even without going to the gym. Do the exercises every morning at home and, if you want to increase the difficulty, use weights or elastic bands for the ankles. To tone legs and buttocks, Just 15 minutes of exercise a daycarried out with constancy, of course.

ManzanaRoja recommends 5 different exercises. Exercises that intensely train the lower limbs of the body. The quadriceps, gluteals and adductors will be exercised, as well as the rectus femoris and psoas muscles. In addition, they are exercises that require coordination and balance, so they will improve over time as you practice them.

Toning legs and buttocks: the benefits for your physique

They help combat certain skin problems, such as cellulite. It is known that cellulite is often due to hereditary and genetic factors, but it can be aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise.

These habits cause a loss of muscle tissue, body tone and, therefore, an increase in visible cellulite. That is why it is advisable to lead an active life, maintaining a toned body to guarantee the elasticity of the tissues and good musculature.

Remember that it is important to use a good anti-cellulite cream to improve the appearance of the skin. In this way, you can also prevent some of the circulatory pain related to cellulite. So you no longer have excuses.

Tone legs and buttocks: 5 exercises to do at home


Squats to tone legs and buttocks

The squat is one of the most popular leg toning exercises. Stand with your legs open to the same width as your pelvis and your hands on your hips. Bend your legs to 90 degrees, tuck in your belly and come up.

For those who are trained: As you rise, contract your glutes and stand on your toes. With her belly in, she tries to stretch her neck as if she were being pulled by a thread. Hold the position for 10 seconds.

repetitions: 20 times.


Strides to tone legs and buttocks

Standing, right leg forward, hands on hips. He flexes his right leg keeping his back straight and returns to the starting position.

repetitions: 20 times with each leg.

leg strengthening

leg strengthening

Standing against the wall, support your back and place your feet 20 cm from the wall. Slowly slide down your back until your legs are bent at 90 degrees. Hold the position for 20 seconds.

Advice: Do your muscles burn? Focus on your breath, always with your belly in.

repetitions: 5 times.

The dancer

Dancer to tone legs and buttocks

Belly in, legs closed and stretched out, back straight, turn your toes out so that your heels touch, and place your left hand against a wall or chair.

Put your weight on your left leg and lift your right leg forward in a small movement, without bending your torso. The leg that is on the ground remains tense and still. Perform small somersaults and return to the position.

Attention: do not move your pelvis or shoulders.

repetitions: Make 10 small movements forward, 10 to the sides and 10 backwards, keeping the leg and toes tense.

Quadriceps stretches

Quadriceps Stretch

Tired after so much effort? Do some stretches. Rest your left hand against the wall and grab your ankle with your right. Reach your torso forward and gently push your heel toward your buttocks. Do you feel the muscle pull? That means it’s stretching.

repetitions: hold for 20 seconds, then switch legs.

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