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Exercises to do lying down that eliminate the sagging of the inner thigh

Who wouldn’t want to have slender and toned legs to wear clothes that enhance their figure? I think everyone! Although sagging thighs is one of the most common aesthetic problems, showing firm legs with smooth skin is a challenge for most women and men, especially if they stop exercising and don’t have good genetics or because after a certain age they start to lose weight. be noticed, for these reasons it is important to know why sagging occurs, how to avoid it and what exercises help us to get rid of it.

Many of us experience inner thigh sagging at a certain age, perhaps due to hormonal changes that destroy collagen and elastin, fibers responsible for keeping the skin firm and smooth, or because you have abruptly lost weight, lack of physical exercise and a sedentary life, which make the muscles lose strength, the lack of protein in the diet also makes the muscles more flaccid, whatever it is we know that we should do something, like maybe applying firming creams or applying aesthetic techniques, it can help us, but to combat sagging in this area it is better to combine it with exercise. That’s why here we show you some exercises to do lying down that eliminate the sagging of the inner thigh.

For this routine you will have to last approximately 10 minutes and 30 seconds on each exercise. As you feel comfortable, the idea is no rest until time runs out or if you are one of the people just starting out, do no rest for up to five minutes.

-First exercise:

Lie on a mat on your back, bend one leg and stretch the other. Start moving the leg to the side by opening and closing it. Without dropping it, control the ascent and descent. This will help work your inner thigh.

– Second exercise:

For this next exercise, in the same position you are in, you will have to spread your legs in a butterfly shape and you will go up and down with just your hips squeezing hard to feel the intensity.

– Third exercise:

As in the first exercise, you will bend one leg and straighten the other, this time you will start lifting and lowering with slow movements. Mark the exercise and continue contracting your abs. After about 30 seconds on each side in the same position, raising and lowering the leg, you will touch the heel on the inside with the opposite hand.

– Fourth exercise:

To change the movement with the straight leg, let’s start doing large circles, controlling the descent and ascent. Circles from inside to outside and from outside to inside.

– Fifth exercise

With your back straight and lying down, you will fully stretch your legs and open and close them. You fully stretch when you open with a time of two and hold.

– Sixth exercise:

For this last exercise, you will be the same as the previous one, but this time you will spread your legs in three counts. You repeat each exercise in this routine 4 times for 30 seconds.

Try to complement your exercise with a balanced and nutritious diet, as this greatly affects the body composition of each person, do not forget about the consumption of water, which is essential for your legs and thighs to stay the way you want. It is essential to offer the body quality food, rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Muscle must use protein, glucose, fat and creatine phosphate as fuel. Therefore, let us avoid refined sugars and products rich in saturated fats, such as industrial sweets.

Remember that first of all it is essential to start and finish this routine that we have just taught with a few minutes of warm-up to avoid injuries and pain in the following days. So enjoy and do these exercises at home or anywhere you feel comfortable so you can train two to three times a week. Stay focused if you want to achieve great results.

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