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Exciting books to give away this Christmas

Still haven’t decided on all your Christmas gifts? A book can be an excellent option.

Reading is a unique, irreplaceable pleasure. It’s a journey without leaving the place, a way to find ourselves, to lose ourselves, to dream, to form ourselves. Therefore, offering books is always an excellent solution, not only when we lack ideas, but especially when we want to leave a lasting mark on someone.

There are books of all shapes and sizes. There are new and used books. And the latter can be given a new life, who knows after they have already transformed the destiny of a stranger. So, keep our suggestions for this Christmas month of the books you can buy (to read or to serve as a gift), in a collaboration between the Ekonomista and the bookmaniacs??

The City of Dead Bookshops

The city is witnessing the death of bookstores. the poets of words with guts, a group that conspires in downtown cafes, notice the sudden change and try to denounce the new bubonic plague. The man who knows the city’s metamorphoses is the Homem do Capacete, a timeless architect and extravagant bibliophile. The City of Dead Bookshops it is a look at the Porto of our days.

history of curiosity

A History of Curiosity

Alberto Manguel’s most personal book, in which the writer draws the map of his own life, based on what he has read. A History of Curiosity is an eloquent blend of philosophy, literature, and memory. Each chapter is dedicated to a thinker, scientist or artist who has somehow illuminated the question Why? Curiosity is not the end, it is the passport, the invitation to travel.

the invisible hours

the invisible hours

Holly Stykes runs away from her parents’ house to live with her boyfriend. Although she looks like a typical English teenager, she is prone to paranormal phenomena. While on the run, she meets a strange woman who entices her with a kind gesture in exchange for asylum. Decades later, she understands what kind of asylum the woman was looking for… The Invisible Hours is a novel that gives us an allegory of our time.

small fires

Little fires everywhere

In Shaker Heights, a peaceful suburb of Cleveland, lives Elena Richardson, whose principle is to obey the rules of the game. Into this idyllic dome arrives Mia Warren, who rents a house to the Richardsons. Mia and Pearl quickly become more than tenants: the four children of the Richardsons are captivated by the two female figures. But Mia brings with her a mysterious past…



Polina is a young and talented dancer, selected to take classes with Professor Bojinski, a demanding dance teacher, feared and admired. Throughout the story, which follows two decades of Polina’s life, from her youth in Russia to her initiation into contemporary dance in the West, we discover the intricacies of the relationship between disciple and master.

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