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Ex-girlfriend and mother of Jakub Jankto’s son spoke about the footballer’s decision to come out of the closet

Markéta Ottomanská, ex-girlfriend and mother of footballer Jakob Jankto’s 3-year-old son,broke the silence and He shared his opinion about the video with which his ex-partner declared himself homosexual last Monday.

In the clip that the midfielder of the sparta of prague and the Czech Republic team, explains that he is gay and points out that he wants to live “like everyone else. ANDOr I also want to live my life in freedom. (…) I no longer want to hide“.

Hours after this, Ottomanská was questioned by the local media iDNES on the subject, since she was not only the soccer player’s girlfriend, but she even had a son with him in May 2019.

Markéta’s response was forceful support for her ex-partneras he stated that he was very proud of Jankto’s bravery.

I am proud that he was able to muster the strength to come out publicly.“, he stated.

Obviously, this was something she already knew, since they had touched on the subject a long time before.

“When he told me that, he also gave me a lot of freedom. Now the important thing is that you are comfortable and happy. You will surely feel relieved and nothing will eat you from the inside. He was afraid that people wouldn’t accept him for who he was.. He was stressed about it,” he said.

Finally, regarding the consequences this could bring to the footballer, he commented that surely there will be people who will reject it, but that he should not give it importance.

“I think people will like it just as much as before. You just need to be nice to them,” she concluded.

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