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The 2022 INSS retirement caught many people off guard due to the changes made between 2021 and 2022, and it will be necessary to find out a little more about these changes and how they could affect your retirement plans.

What this article covers:

Will there be changes in INSS retirement 2022?

The first change in the 2022 INSS retirement will be in the transition schedule, which mentions the 86/96 rule that specifies the points obtained according to the sum of age and years in which due contributions occurred, which increased in January and is at 89 for women and 99 for men.

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The other rule would be a lower minimum age for workers who contributed for a longer period, with the minimum age now being 57 and a half years for women and 62 and a half years for men. In both cases mentioned, it is required that there be a contribution time of 30 years for women and 35 for men.

Who will be entitled to INSS retirement 2022?

Only those workers who specifically fit the rules stipulated by the INSS on the minimum score of 88/96 will be entitled to receive retirement in 2022, in addition to having a new progressive age required for both women (57 years) and men (62 years). .

Something that could significantly delay retirement for women would be the third transitional rule, which mentions the need for everyone to be at least 61 years and six months old, along with 15 years contributed. In the case of men, the changes remain the same, but it is necessary to present a grace period of 15 years of payments made to the INSS??

Due to these new rules established for 2022, those who want to retire will have to comply with one of the three transition rules, otherwise, they will have to wait until they reach the required age or score to be able to apply for this right. beneficial.

In the case of the 50% toll, it will be possible that those who in 2019 had 28 to 30 years of contribution may have the possibility of being able to retire in 2022 with the help of this rule.

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