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We go through the latest fashion shows and news in the fashion world, to bring you the main trends Autumn-Winter 2022-23.

Nothing in the world stops… Fashion and beauty are no exception. We have gathered for you the main autumn-winter trends.

And if you feel that (almost) nothing surprises us anymore, know that fashion appears bold and irreverent for the cold seasons, while continuing to be inspired by the classic and timeless.

Cuts, materials, colors and patterns, we bring you everything you need to know to dive into the new season in style.

The main trends of Autumn-Winter on 22/23

In addition to the tones that we are used to seeing in these colder months, this season there are also vibrant colors and neons that promise to brighten the grayest days.

When it comes to materials, in addition to those we already know, there are also novelties in the way we use them. Without ever giving up the comfort that we have learned to value, also in dressing – especially the sense of comfort that the quarantine has brought us -, the time has come to embrace different combinations of leather, tulle, synthetic leather or denim – in fact, the denim total look returns with the promise of making a mark.

As for beauty, you want 8 or 80. While in hair, nails and make-up, trend clean continues to be present, on the other hand, irreverent visuals come to us, with props and full of color are increasingly common.

Check out the main trends for Autumn-Winter in more detail!

total denim look

Gone are the days when wearing more than one piece of denim was a sign of bad taste. This season is all about wearing this material from head to toe.

If you are still new to this trend, start by combining two pieces with a third in another material. Try, for example, wearing a denim jacket or shirt with a knit t-shirt or sweater and your favorite jeans.

When diving into the trend, play with different cuts and materials to create looks full of personality and attitude.


Head to toe denim

Don’t be afraid to combine different pieces of denim. Opt for elegant accessories, such as pearls or high heels, for a more feminine look.

mini length

Yes, you read that right! If you think the mini length and winter don’t go together, you’re wrong.

Fashion weeks and shows were invaded by skirts, shorts and mini dresses in materials such as wool and leather, to show that fashion has no seasons.

When thinking about how to wear mini skirts or dresses above the knee on colder or rainy days, bet on tights and wider or longer coats, creating a contrast of cuts, materials and lengths.


different sizes

Play with materials and lengths when wearing cotton, denim or leather mini pieces with knit or wool maxi sweaters or jackets.

Leather and synthetic fur

Leather and faux fur are no surprises this season. However, they appear more irreverent, in vibrant colors and in more unusual pieces.

We will continue to find them in coats or jackets, but also in different proposals, such as trench coatspants or dresses, in an inspiration Matrix.


Matrix style

If you have a more feminine and romantic style, adapt this trend and wear it with satin or embroidered pieces.


And because in the colder months you don’t have to neglect your more sophisticated and sexy side, transparency also marks the return to parties and night events.

This season, transparencies will be present in dresses, pants, skirts, tops, but also in accessories.

For that special dinner you already have booked, arrange a body or top in tulle with jeans or tailored trousers. You will achieve a comfortable, elegant but above all sensual look.


Sensuality on the rise

Combine a sheer blouse with gold jewelry for an elegant result.


If in summer the gradient and the rainbow bombed the nail art, and this winter will be no exception. However, the trend adapts to the season and appears in earth tones and more sober.

Choose to use different colors of the same tone, from the darkest to the lightest. For example, start with a brown shade until you reach a nude that matches your skin tone, for a beautiful and chic result!

As for the classic manicure French, this season we will find it reinvented with earth tones, creating a greater contrast.


nail art

Create fun nail arts betting on the colors of the season.


It’s time to take care of your hair after the last few months’ exposure to the sun.

Don’t be afraid of scissors this season. Short hair is ideal for this season, as it always works well with high collars and trench coats. This length marked the Autumn-Winter fashion shows, contrasting with the oversize and sober of the season.

If in summer you avoided fringes due to high temperatures, now don’t be afraid to take a risk. In addition to framing your face, they will give you a chic and modern look.


Mini Bob

the mini bob is a more modern version of the already known bob. With a more minimalist finish, the cut is ideal if you want to show your face.

What do you think of the main trends that will mark the fresh seasons? Let yourself be inspired and enter the new season in style!

Good rentrée!

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