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Fall Guys would have made the best decision to return to the map of the most popular games on Twitch. The game announced this Monday that it will now be 100% free and that, in addition, it will arrive on the Nintendo Switch, the Epic Game Store and the Xbox One on June 21.

“Since Fall Guys first hit the world in August 2020, we’ve teamed up for six stumbling seasons, together in a ridiculous quest for the crown. Through the jungle dome pranks through the medieval chaos. From the excitement of Custom Lobbies, to that first squad victory…with your friends, we couldn’t have done any of this without the support, dedication, and compassion of our amazing community,” reads the announcement by Mediatonic.

What will happen if I already have a paid version of Fall Guys?

Players who own the paid version on Steam and PS4 won’t have to download the game again, nor will they lose their collected items or win history. However, new players will not be able to download the ‘legacy’ version of the game.

This also means that you will not be able to download the game from the Steam page, but you will have to create an account from the Epic Game Store in order to play it.

will receive a ‘legacy pack’, which among other things includes paid cosmetic items and the first paid battle pass of the free version of Fall Guys, in addition to the Fall Guys season pass.

Will there be cross play and cross progress between platforms?

Yes. One of the promises made by Mediatonic, the game’s developer, is that players will be able to enjoy the title with friends, regardless of the platform. Part of this will mean the restart of the season, which will be dubbed Fall Guys Free for All ‘Season 1’.

Will there be launch events?

Yes. Along with the launch of Fall Guys on all platforms, the game will have a series of launch events. This will include new levels, available costumes and game modes. It will surely also allow for the creation of larger squads, considering the new flow of players that the title expects when it arrives free on all platforms.

Images: Mediatonic

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