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Everything you need to know about Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande (Twitter: @ArianaGrande ) returns to the boards of HAPPY. This time the celebrated “Break Free” singer can relax, no donuts involved. We have learned that the magazine ‘People’ has released a list of curiosities about the artist to get to know her much more thoroughly. Many of them have seemed so interesting to us that we do not want to stop sharing them.

This Sunday , Ariana Grande achieved one of the main achievements of her short but powerful career: She opened the last edition of the MTV Video Music Awards with Nicki Minaj and Jessie J ; and she won one of the most important awards of the evening, Best Pop Video for her hit “Problem”.

The above marks a before and after with Grande’s situation exactly one year ago, when she could barely be part of the pre-show of the ceremony and was not even considered for nominations.

It is a career that began in 2008 , singing at sporting events, to later debut on Broadway in the musical “13” and later be one of the protagonists of the Nickelodeon series, “Victorius” .

As a result of her growing success, at we tell you 8 things you should know about this emerging artist.

1. Her name is inspired by the character of Princess Oriana , from the animated series “ El gato Félix ”.

2. His first big hit is “ The Way ”, a song released in March 2013 and which he performs with rapper Mac Miller . The song contains a sample of “A Little Bit of Love “, by Brenda Russell and which was released in 1979.

3. His debut album, “ Yours Truly ”, debuted at number one on the Billboard chart in the US, and went on to lead the iTunes online store ranking in more than 30 countries .

4. One of her main features is her typical hairstyle (a tail). His look has generated various criticisms because he never changes it. However, she has explained that this is because her hair is so damaged from constantly dyeing it red for the “ Sam & Cat ” series, so she cannot use it otherwise.

5. Due to her great vocal quality, she is constantly compared to another pop icon, Mariah Carey . Grande has confessed that he admires her as an artist.

6. Singer Gloria Estefan was the one who launched her into a career after she saw her perform on a cruise ship when she was only eight years old. She recently, she confessed that her favorite artists of all time are Madonna, Imogen Heap and India. Ari.

7. His second album, called “ My Everything ”, was released a week ago. Two singles have already emerged from this: “Problem” and “Break Free” , both managed to succeed in the music rankings.

8. In his short career, he has already won 16 awards , highlighting recognitions at the American Music Awards , the Teen Choice Awards , and the Billboard . Most for Best New Artist . So far, she has not been nominated for a Grammy .

If you are an Arianator, surely you know them all!

Ariana Grande is one of the most popular singers of the moment, we met her in the Victorious series with the character of the sweet and friendly Cat.

Check out these facts that you may not have known about her…

1. She is obsessed with Halloween and scary things. She rightly did not hesitate to participate in the series ” Scream Queens “.

2. She has been the first female singer to debut her first two albums at No. 1 since 2010.

3. His favorite sport is hockey and when he was 8 years old he sang the national anthem at one of his favorite team’s games.

4. The first role she played was that of Annie at age 8.

5. He used to play the French horn.

6. His favorite movie is “ Almighty ”.

7. The first concert she attended was Katy Perry ‘s .

8. She is vegan because she loves animals more than people. When he goes on a trip he only eats vegetables, fruits and salads.

9. On a trip to Kansas City’s Stull Cemetery, he experienced the presence of demons. Spooky!

10. He loves going to the beach in the middle of the night.

11. Enjoys reading very much.

12. Her granny sleeps naked, which is why Ari isn’t a big fan of pajamas.

13. Her favorite color is lavender.

14. He is afraid of heights but still enjoys roller coasters.

15. Ariana Grande is obsessed with the ocean and all sea creatures.

Did you already know these curious facts about the star?

Did you know…

1- Ariana Grande loves the horror film genre , to the point that her mother feared, with some exaggeration, that her little daughter would become a serial killer since she enjoyed walking around the house with Halloween masks.

2- His favorite color is purple.

3- His favorite board game is ‘Monopoli’

Ricky Álvarez, Ariana’s boyfriend, is her best support

4- The singer maintains a fantastic figure, perhaps because of the fact that she is vegan ! She does not eat animal foods or anything that has come from them.

5- It has the name of an animated character.
The magazine also goes back to the origins of the artist, when her parents brought her into the world, they chose the name Ariana in honor of Oriana, the princess of the cartoon ‘El Gato Félix’. Geek, right?

6- The singer loves to walk in heels .
So much so that she herself has admitted that when she is not wearing them, she automatically walks on the balls of her feet. She also loves walking on the beach at night (hopefully heelless!), plus she sleeps naked. Ariana herself confesses that her grandmother always encouraged the young people of the family to get into bed as God brought them into the world. A modern grandmother, wherever they are.

Ariana Grande apologizes for the famous donut

7- Enjoy making visits to the pharmacy at 3 in the morning.
Continuing with the scope of the night, Ariana decides to buy her medication at 3 in the morning. Of course! What better time to go unnoticed?

8- You feel self-conscious.
By the way, international celebrities also have complexes. In the case of Ariana, it is worth mentioning that she cannot go outside without contact lenses, since she has weak eyesight. Just as you will rarely see her without a ponytail, since with it she tries to hide the lack of hair that she has been suffering from since she dyed her hair red for the Nickelodeon series ‘Victorious’.

9- She has talent since she was a child.
In the professional field, Grande already pointed out ways since she was little. She once said that, traveling on a cruise ship at the age of eight, the singer went on stage to perform a song, with such a coincidence that Gloria Estefan herself was in the audience. She approached the family to encourage them to consider an artistic career for Ariana given the talent that impressed her in the girl.

10- I knew for a long time that I would become an artist
It seems that Gloria was not misguided, today Ariana is at the top and, if she manages to behave a little more decently in public establishments from now on, she could perhaps reach to an artistic maturity similar to some of his idols, like Madonna.

These have been the 10 curiosities about one of the greats of the current pop scene.

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