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Everything we know about the iPhone 14 Max • ENTER.CO

There are at least three months to go until we get to know the new series of Apple phones, the iPhone 14 and its versions. In total, there are four cell phones that we will see: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Much has been rumored about all of them; This time all the details of what the iPhone 14 Max will be have been ‘leaked’.

The leaker Shadow_Leak, spoke about the model on Twitter, where he talked about the design and its main components. According to the leaker, the phone will keep the company’s classic design, keep the notch on the front camera and Face ID sensors. Regarding the screen, it would be OLED 6.68 inches diagonally.

As for the resolution, it does not increase much compared to its predecessors (if the information is true) 2778 × 1284 pixels. Meanwhile, the pixel density would be 458 ppi; Finally, the refresh rate of the panel would be 90Hz, which compared to other high-end phones, is quite slow.

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As for the chipset, the leaker remains in the rumors that we knew until now; the phone would be equipped with the A15 Bionic, the same as the iPhone 13 mini, which the new phone will replace. In fact, some analysts consider that the company refused to change chips so that it does not distance itself too much from the most basic models; in addition to offering an affordable price to the public.

The leaker also mentioned that the iPhone 14 Max would offer up to 6 GB of RAM and versions of 128 and 25 GB for internal memory. If the information is correct, the main camera would be dual, both 12 megapixel sensors. Remember, Apple has decided to ditch the mini-smartphone; that is, we were used to the iPhone 13 mini, this time it will be the iPhone 14 Max.

Image: Pexels

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