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If you don’t have plans for this weekend, there’s one you have to stick to: Everything Everywhere at the Same Time premiered this week in movie theaters across the country and it’s your duty to see it.

The only thing that makes me angry about this movie is that it took almost a month to land on the national billboard. I had to put up with the international reviews that claimed it was one of the best movies of the year. I didn’t understand the memes that said there was a better multiverse movie when Dr. Strange came out.

But now that I saw it I can say that Everything Everywhere at the Same Time made me regain faith in 2022.

EVERYTHING is comedy

I apologize to the people who shared the movie theater with me. I know that my laughter (which some have lovingly compared to seagulls having sex) can end up dominating some spaces. But Everything Everywhere at the Same Time is one of those movies that beats any sense of humor. And in this one I ended up with a sore throat from laughing so much.

It may be the fact of having such a unique premise. It may be the way in which in the first few minutes he starts off with relatable jokes and then suddenly launches you into a Kung Fu battle that includes sex accessories and Disney references. I couldn’t tell. What I can confirm is that it is unlikely that you will leave the room without having let out at least one laugh.

Unfortunately there are some jokes that fall loose. But these are small moments in the universe of possibilities that this film delivers. His humor generally turns to less obvious options. It’s a kaleidoscope of laughter where a well-timed line, a pretty bad visual effect, censored private parts, or just the most inappropriate sausages in human history can make you laugh.

EVERYWHERE is action

I’m just as surprised that this is a movie that has as many good fights as it does comedy moments. If you’re one of those who goes without having seen a trailer (and we suggest you don’t because the effect of the film triples) you’re about to get a surprise.

You know you’re in a special place when a fight using a fanny pack is right up there with the best fights in Jon Wick. And this is in the first half hour of the film.

Everything Everywhere at the Same Time reminded me of Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu. A series of fights that are not only marvelous in choreography, but also made to take advantage of the camera, the actors, the location… all parts of the film are a muscle made to hit you in the right place. It is a film full of fights that are not only the perfect complement to his humor, but also help tell the story he wants just like any internal monologue or dialogue.


Everything Everywhere Same

And the thing is, it seems like a statistical improbability that this movie also has the balls to make you cry, after spending half an hour bugging you with a raccoon joke.

As if jumping between dimensions, Everything Everywhere at the Same Time manages to move your emotional fibers in the same way that it makes you laugh. The conclusion of the film is a wonderful crescendo that resolves all the doubts, all the anguish, all the pain in such a creative, unique, original way… that I find it hard to believe that two stones have made me tear up.

This is a movie for those who feel lost between the choices of life. It is an invitation if you feel that you no longer have faith in that family or love relationship. Impossible to lose if they feel that they have not been able to live up to the expectations of those who matter most to them. Bring tissues if you have ever felt that the world would be better off without you.

Nothing matters at the end of the day. So spend a ticket and accept the invitation to one of the best movies of 2022.

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