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Every second woman leaks urine – 5 tips to strengthen your pelvic floor

The female body is constantly going through changes and challenges. A new report on intimate health shows that more than half of all women in Sweden experience urinary leakage. The majority of Swedish women also do not talk to anyone about their problems. Intimina gives five tips that can be helpful.

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Urinary incontinence, or urine leakage, is a very common problem in women and means that urine can leak between visits to the toilet. In the Intimate Health Report produced by the Swedish brand Intimina, nearly three out of five women state that they experience urine leakage.

The most common reasons why it can leak urine are laughing, sneezing and heavy lifting. Above all, it is women with children under the age of 18 who are affected. In women who have not given birth, the figures are marginally lower. Four out of ten report that they sometimes or always experience urine leakage when performing activities that challenge the pelvic floor.

How to strengthen your pelvic floor: Five tips

TikTok break for pinch exercises.

If you have a moment to spare on your lunch break, or want to start the day with some knee exercises, you can find several short but effective videos on TikTok that guide you to music. Search “Daily Squeeze Along” or “Pelvic Floor Exercises”. Many viewers also share tips in the comment fields.

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Yoga or Pilates in order to activate.

Activity and flexibility are essential for strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles. In other words, it’s not just about doing crunches. Stretching and softening with Yoga or Pilates helps contribute to long-term strength.

Take help from products.

Sometimes it can seem difficult to train the pelvis completely on your own, but there are aids available, such as balls with different weight levels or vibration-controlled programs. Examples of such are Intimina’s Laselle and KegelSmart, which are specifically designed to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Contact a physiotherapist.

When pinch exercises and different forms of training do not work, it can be good to contact an expert to talk to about your problems. Different bodies have different needs and therefore personal advice may be needed.

Share tips with others.

Many women experience problems but few talk about it. Take up the conversation with friends, or why not on social media? Create a forum where members can feel comfortable sharing their experiences. All too many women live with problems that could be solved if the dialogue were more open.

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