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Evan Peters and his romance with Emma Roberts: she ended up in prison

Before the cameras they were always very much in love

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There are stories of romances that do not usually end well, as is the case of the actor Evan Peters and Emma Roberts, where the latter ended up in jail for domestic violence.

In 2013, the actress, who is the niece of Julia Roberts, was arrested for domestic violence. According to police reports, she had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend in a Montreal hotel when a neighbor tipped off authorities.

Law enforcement sources said Peters had a bloody nose and allegedly a bite mark, and Roberts’ friends told TMZ the couple were hitting each other and arrested Roberts because Peters had obvious injuries.

At the time, the actor withdrew the charges and they continued together, until four years ago. In short, they were seven years of relationship, the couple in front of the cameras showed love and accompaniment, but the reality was different.

In four walls this relationship ended in hatred, abuse and as we already discussed, with a prison sentence for the actress.

The romance of these two celebrities began in 2012, when they both worked together in the movie “Adult World”. According to those involved, it was “love at first sight”, because they were seen to be very much in love.

A year later, both were already seen everywhere together, holding hands. They decided to travel to Canada that year and that period triggered a series of behaviors that deteriorated the relationship.

That’s when the event happened at the Montreal hotel that ended with the actress imprisoned.

“It was an unfortunate incident and a misunderstanding… Ms. Roberts was released after questioning and the couple is working together to overcome it,” said a statement issued by the representatives of both celebrities.

They went to couples therapy for a few months, the actor intended to marry Emma, ​​so he asked her to marry him, but their wedding plans were canceled in mid-2015.

It is said that their problems kept increasing and this was the reason why the wedding was called off.

At the end of 2016 the couple decided to give themselves a new opportunity, but after efforts and some problems, it continued to wear down until its end in 2019.

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