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Eva Longoria impresses with her elegance and glamor on Instagram

The actress Eva Longoria has stood out for her performances, for her beauty, as well as for her good taste in clothing, for this reason, she has taken advantage of her Instagram account. The protagonist of ‘Desperate Housewives’ showed off the spectacular dress that she used at New Year’s dinner, which has details of crystals and transparencies.

Longoria has capitalized on her good taste when dressing with her sensuality and the garment precisely portrayed what the Latin American is. The piece has an opening on the left leg, as well as an open back. The interpreter complemented her outfit with transparent ribbon slippers, a bracelet and shiny earrings.

Another aspect to highlight was that her hair was left completely straight, on the other hand, her face looked very natural, since her makeup was really discreet, using a light base, accompanied by compact powder. It could also be seen that he used blush on his cheekbones and gloss on his lips. The cherry on the cake was his unique smile.

The artistic community reacted positively to the publication of the actress, who not only wished her a happy new year, but also recognized her beauty and style. Among the personalities who left messages was the former singer of the Pussy Cats Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger, who wish you a great year.

Another personality who recognized the beauty and style of Eva Longoria was the Argentine Lola Ponce, who told her “happy new year sis”, referring to the fact that she sees the actress as a sister. The comments of the artistic community show that Eva is a loved and respected person.

Eva Longoria demonstrated with her image that she is still a fashion ambassador who has made an impact every time she shares photos with outfits from the main fashion houses, which have invited her to various catwalks such as Paris Fashion Week.

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