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Eva Daniela puts Niurka in her place after assuring that she is the great love in Juan Osorio’s life

Eva Daniela responded to Niurka after a controversial statement about Juan Osorio.

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After Niurka Marcos assured that it was “the great love” in the life of John Osoriothe current partner of the producer, eva daniel, put the Cuban woman in her place assuring that this relationship is already in the past and currently she is the chosen one.

Juan Osorio continues to live his romance with the actress Eva Daniela, who despite being almost 40 years younger than him, has shown that she is the best partner he could have, because according to his recent statements, in addition to taking care of him, she is in charge of contributing youth in the relationship that began in March 2021.

And although the couple prefers not to pay attention to the rumors that arise around their courtship, the young actress did not remain silent before the controversial confession that Niurka Marcos made a few days ago, when she assured that she was the great love of Juan’s life. Osorio.

In this regard, Eva Daniela reiterated that she is currently in love and very happy with the Televisa creative, in addition to the fact that she is not in a hurry to get married because she is living a “beautiful courtship”, so she is definitely not interested in what is said about them.

“I do not know, I am not aware of anything that is said, many things can be said. The only thing I keep is what I see, with the facts, with what Juan shows me and that is the important thing, love is shown with facts and love is a decision, he chooses me every day“, he told various media outlets, one of them the ‘De Primera Mano’ program.

And he was emphatic in responding that she is currently Juan Osorio’s partner and the only important thing is that he continues to choose her every day.

“He can choose whoever he wants and choose me, so I’m happy. Look, I don’t even have words to express my love to you and I think you don’t have to say it, when you have it,” she added.

In addition, he responded to Niurka by assuring that the relationship he had with Juan Osorio is already a thing of the past, he was not even born when they were together, therefore, he has nothing to say on the subject.

“I never answer on this subject, but I am going to tell you something, that past was… well, I think I hadn’t even been born. So I don’t understand why they ask me that, if heor stepped past, the past does not matter, I’m going to care less about something that neither existed, nor was it in my parents’ plans. So, happy with my present,” said the actress.

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